Color Me Gorgeous with Jig Mayuga | 5 Makeup Trends You Should Try!

I'm such a huge fan of Jigs Mayuga and I'm so glad that I get to know him more through the years because we move in the same industry. He's known a celebrity makeup artist, prettifying most of the best actresses in the showbiz industry. He is also known for his ultra-gorgeous unkept brow looks that is now the on-trend look of the year.  But the truth is Jigs fantastic talent stems from the fact is that he is in tuned with a woman's beauty. He has respect for the uniqueness of every face he does. I think that's the reason that though unconventional and not always on trend, his beauty looks create virality. He has a way of bringing out the best in a woman's feature even if she thinks that that's her worst. 

Last week, I got a chance to be on the front row and learn the easiest ways to look gorgeous from him. Hosted by Calyxta Beauty, Jigs demoed 5 makeup trends that we can easily do on our own using products we can get from

If you still don't know is a one of the biggest Philippine-based online store that sells cult and mainstream beauty brands. It's a one-stop-hub for all things beauty coz they also have features, tutorials and articles that would certainly help out anyone who wants to learn a thing or two about beauty. They also churn out events like this to gather women like me to talk about beauty and get to know the up and coming brands along with re-acquaintaing us about the best-selling ones.

Here are the 5 Makeup Trends that very much Instagram worthy!

Pop of Color | Just Kissed Lips | Ethereal | Feathered Brows | Re-invented Smokey Eyes

Pop of Color

Using Pink Sugar's Eye Candy Palette, Jigs was able to recreate a soft teal blue smoky look. If you're wondering what exactly to do with the pop of color in your palette, simply wipe them softly using a dense brush and blend them upward. Pack on the mascara to help open up the eyes and balance the brightness of the look. Stick to neutral lips like Pink Sugar's newest creamy matte in Breakfast in Bed.

Just Kissed Lips or Ombre Lips

Jigs does this so beautifully on Andi Manzano that I saw on instagram. This is a very Koreana K-pop look. Using ItsLipTime from Pixi Beauty, Jig used a darker hue on the inner part of the lips using just his fingers. Naturally as a mkeup artist, a clean makeup look is neede for this so better use Simple Makeup Remover to ensure no other trace of lipstick is visible on the outer part.


Glow and lit from within look is probably the hardest look to pull because we fear our humid weather isn't cut for it that we'll only end up looking oily. Well, that's not entirely incorrect.

But Jigs like to defy the norm and to break all the rules. He was able to achieve this look by ensuring the skin is looking fresh and radiant with Simple Light Moisturizer. He also used cult fave Milani 2+1 Foundation Concealer to cover blemishes and to even out the skin. For that perfect highlight he used Maybelline Face Studio V-Face Strobing Cream and Face Studio V-Face Strobing Stick to give the face the highlight and contour it needs to get that ethereal glow. 

Feathered Brows

Now this is the look we were all glued in! Jigs tells us that using a brow primer helps in keeping the brows in place and defining it using Malissa Kiss Super Shade Ultra HD Brow Pencil. 

Reinvented Smokey Eyes

Probably the most intimidating makeup look ever but with Jigs technique, it was pretty much a crash course in Ms. Universe makeup look. He used Eye of Horus Sehkmet Smokey Goddess Palette which for me I think has the best pigmented and staying power. He used the shade in this palette to create a soft gradient smokey eye makeup and accentuated it with Eye of Horus Liquid Define Eye Pencil in Black. I personally would ahve used a liquid liner but I saw how well the pencil stayed throughout the event so I'm definitely getting myself this eye pencil!

It's pretty amazing how Jigs were able to do this look with just a few products. Whether you have these in your stash or not, Jigs advise is to always try it. It's makeup, you can easily remove it if you a certain look is not for you. Especially if you are using a really thorough makeup remover like Simple Sensitive Skin Care.

I personally love the wipes

I made a video of it here showing how good it is!

Ride of Die makeup products from Jig Mayuga

a moisturizer
foundation palette
lash curler

You can rally feel the passion for doing makeup and over all beauty from Jigs.  I hope I get to feature him more here on the blog! Who wants a one-on-one interview with this gorgeous hunk? Comment below!

It's not a beauty day if I don't awra myself! Hahaha!

Used little to no makeup here! Enjoying less makeup lately but when I do I make sure to concentrate on the cheeks on the lips. My go-to's are definitely Pink Sugar blushes and creamy mattes and they are available at Calyxta, thankfully!

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