Morgan Taylor X Beauty and The Beast Polish Collection | You gotta see Enchanted Patina!

Morgan Taylor Be Our Guest with Enchanted Patina

Morgan Taylor is fast becoming my choice for a foreign brand polish. And that's just because they have the nicest collections! They launched a Beauty and The Beast set that made me love them all the more. So if you're still hang up from Beauty and The Beast, feel free to browse over this blog post.

The highlight of this collection is Enchanted Patina, a monochromatic antique gold that takes the rest of the shades to the next level. The story for this is to give the polishes a finish that is worthy of the Enchanted Castle. You can use a lone or as a topper. Used this for good 3 weeks before I told myself that I need to try a new shade!

Naturally, the rest of the collection is inspired by the characters and important parts of the most-anticipated movie of the year. My favorite are The Last Petal, Be Our Guest Plumette with Excitement and Potts of Tea. Gaston On and On is in the running but I'm really not much a pastel kind of gal. You know me, I'm loyal to my dark reds when it comes to my digits.

Top: Days in the Sun, Be Our Guest | Bottom: Potts of Tea, Enchanted Patina

The Last Petal
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Momma Ava

Trixie Reyna

Morgan Taylor X Beauty and The Beast are available also in gel format.

Nail-a-holics is a great venue to try this collection. Perfect for the summertime!

This collection is also exclusively available at this nail salon! So glad we get to enjoy it here in the Philippines!

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