Gelish Time and Much Needed Chika Time | #TitasOfManila

It was a hot humid day and a pampering sesh was just what I needed. It was also a day I never thought would be so fun with Nikki, Bambi and Joel of Gelish Philippines  at Nail-a-holics Glorietta.

Have you been to this nail salon? I love that it's situated in a less busier side of Glorietta and that the way it was built provided more privacy. As usual, I welcomed the blue interiors with beach accents. Ang galing talaga ng nag-design ng Nailaholics. Feel na feel mo na nasa beach ka. :)

Anyway, I was there to give he newest gel polish a try! But I already did at Beauty and Butter during their soft launch of the brand and I. Really only have good things to say about it. The ones I've trued before used to outweigh the bad over the good hut with Gelish medyo mas bet ko ung light weight feel niya sa nails and that it removes quicker that other brands. 

I would usually go for white shade for gel polishes but this time I thought it would be nice to try a something colorful. These are the colors I chose for my hands and feet.

There's this unspoken rule that you should only get one shade for your nails and feet but I think that rules is meant to be broken especially when you just want to have fun. I think this rule should only apply to photoshoots, weddings and debuts and other occasions that require seamless appeal in the photograph. Other than that, life is short try on another nail polish shade. Di ba?

I like deep reds for my feet or blues! The contrast it makes against my skin makes my skin look lighter. It's very tita-ish the shade but what #titasofMNL but knowing what looks good and works for me.

For my hands mas bet ko ang pa-girl. I like feminine shades that make my brusko mabuto hands a little more feminine. I would choose a lighter shade next time coz I feel like this color accentuated the dark line of my hands. Hehehe! May ganon talaga!

Gel polishes has taken over Manila this year and I'm not surprised. A lot of women prefer long lasting nail polish. Chipped nail polish looks really bad but who has the time to get a manicure every week? Not me with a hyperactive toddler. Gel polishes last up to a month and provides you with a clean polished look for at least 3 weeks! No worrying na kailangan mo ng acetone kasi sira-sira na cutex mo!

The procedure ,though make take longer than a regular polish, you'll love that you don't have to worry about ruining your polish the moment you step out of the salon. Kainis ung parang naggym astic ung daliri mo sa bag mo, sa pinto o kung saan man wag lang masira ung nail polish mo kasi di pa tuyo! 

With gel polish, kahit magcross-stitch ka pa pagkatapos, pwedeng-pwede

Gelish in particular is widely known for their faster curing time, only 30 seconds. Gelish seemed to be more pigmented needing only one -two coats to get the opaqueness that gel polish is so known for. I used to try this brand that took at least 3-4 coats for the color to show up. And they have really nice color collections which they update every 3-4 months.

These are the things that I got to enjoy one weekday with awesome friends!

This lovely deep red shade is called Up in the Air-Heart.

In love with this peachy-blush shade of Looking for a Wingman.

I know I often take for granted being at rest but I'm glad that I have friend in this world who encourages me to sit still and relax, get a gel manicure and have light conversation about nail polishes and Cinema One movies.

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