Travalo and Perfume Pod | Nifty Ways To Bring Your Scents With You

When you live in Manila, going anywhere feels like you're doing twice the journey with how bad the traffic is. It's the worst when you commute. Tried it once, and told myself to sinply give up expensive coffee and buy cheaper clothes so I can afford to ride uber whenever I go to.

But during those unavodable circumstances that I have to be out all day, Travalo and Perfume Pod has because my sanity. A spritz of my favorite perfume proved to be an invaluable way to bring a sort of center in my chaotic schedule.

How could a spray container do this? Simply because I can transfer my choice of scent from it's bulky and heavy albeit gorgeously fancy bottles. I mean, in the list of priorities to bring with me perfume bottles barely cut the top 30. I know, I'm not THAT addicted to pabango.

Besides, if given a choice? Wouldn't you bring an external battery pack or your perfume? Really, it's a no brainer. 

Now though, the world is my oyster (but thank God, it doesn't smell like one!) i can bring the scents to match my mood or occassion. I get to enjoy my favorite Philosophy Amazing Grace, DKNY Light Blue, Love Story by Charriol and the huge bottle of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea got me two years back. Finally I finish these perfumes!! More so I get to enjoy the other perfumes that took a backseat.

And after losing my Bvlgari Omnia Coral in my car, i vowed never to bring any perfumes with me that I can't afford to lose.. Umm.. So that's practically everything. Meh.

But exactly how does Travalo and Perfume Pods work? By magic? Of course not, we owe it to the “Travalo Engine” technology they invented. Bottom of each Travalo has a mechanism that transfer the liquid one from the tube of your perfume to the Travalo bottle. Definitely a lot easier and doesn’t waste any product compared to spraying the perfume onto a regular atomiser. It literally takes second to transfer and you’re good to go.

And what’s awesome is that you can use it over and over again with different kinds of perfume. You can also mix and match the colors of your Travalo depending your outfit or mood.

I'm really enjoying both my Travalo and Perfume Pod. Travalo became my evening container where in scents that suits night time engagements or occasions since the sleek bottle is so posh. Perfume Po is now my daily travel perfume that I use with my perfumes that has a fresher or lighter notes. It definitely came handy the most during my travels!

These get an A+ score for me! And can you guess how much it is? Perfume Pods are P300 while Travalo is P600. 

Travalo Classic is available at the 2F of Travalo SM North Edsa, Lazada Philippines 
and Travalo at SM Aura.

You can visit their Facebook Page,

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  1. Cool! I use to bring the large VS bottles in my bag unitil I grew tired of carrying them. HAHA

  2. I have the same problems when travelling. Especially when a perfume bottle breaks because you forgot to tell the attendant that your luggage is "fragile". Lol. Btw, came across your blog and found this post very useful. I was wondering where you got your Perfume Pod? :)


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