Olympea by Paco Rabbane | For The Modern Day Goddess

Olympea launched just in time when I needed a boost of confidence. With successful launch of Invictus (which is my favorite male fragrance to date), the renowned perfumers, Loc Dong and Anne Flipo of House of Paco Rabbane, followed it up with a special femme scent to match its strength and glory with this ultra-feminine scent that is touched by just the right amount of power.

A scent made for the modern day goddess.

Encased in an artdeco-inspired laurel-shaped rose glass to compliment the perfume, Olympea evokes a balance . And as always, Paco Rabbane does what it does best... present a scent to regular modern women that would make them feel they can rule the world.

And they will!

I can definitely say that this scent came at the right time when my confidence is at its lowest. It's just amazing how different notes when brought together in a harmonious melody allows you to feel good about yourself and transport you to great memories that reminds you of your will and strength.

The notes of Olympea struck me as multi-faceted, much like the women of today. It's straight to the point and you can feel each note beats as it settles. First with the oh-so refreshing top notes of almost Green Mandarin, the tangy ginger lily that just has a hint of spice and the hydroponic Jasmine that makes you feel like you're floating on water. It's that refreshing and that vivid. But as it slowly settles, you take a whiff of that oh-so yummy an yet sophisticated salted vanilla. No, not the kind you'd find in regular perfumes or would ake you think of teenage body spray.. The heart of Olympea is a buttery pillow of sweetness that isn't too overwhelming. And just as you feel the caress, here comes Ambergris and Cashmere Wood to set as the whole fragrance comes full circle.

Olympea is great as a day to night perfume. I love how the refreshing top notes awakens my senses. I'm a sucker for anything citrusy so this got me sold almost immediately. And for someone who doesn't ike vanilla, I was sure all over this scent! And ohhh what a warm cozy hug were the final notes. The transition is gradual, sure and leaves a lasting mark. 

I have a special place for Eau My Gold and Lady Million, but Olympea is on top of the Olympus for now! This is the scent I would reach for when I need to make a lasting fabulous impression. And that means I wear it almost everyday.

This would really make a nice gift, the bottle alone is so attractive. The scent definitely is all evry kind of woman with it's zesty-floral-musk combination. And the longevity is better than most perfumes I've tried lately much like Invictus to other male fragrances. 

You can get them at your favorite local perfumery counters nationwide. 

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