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If you'll ask me for recommendations on how to lighten your dark spots, acne marks or get that fairer skin after getting tanned at the beach, I would always recommend Kojie San. For years, I've always relied on its efficacy and it has always given me great results.

Sharing with you here my experience on this very affordable but totally HG worthy soap. Yes, I mean it.

It was a actually a skincare expert who recommended me to use a generic kojic acid soap. She gave it to me as gift along with other products she used herself. She told me to use it everyday til my acne healed and leave it on for 2 minutes before washing off every other day. The improvement on my skin in 2007 to 2009 was exceptional. But when my blog started to grow and I get sent products left and right, I slowly stopped using her regimen... But only maintained the Kojic Acid Soap. Soon, she migrated to the states and I stopped using her regimen all together.

dealing with mild acne and conquering it with Kojie San

But when a bout of acne attack happened, I started scouting for a Kojic Soap available in the market and it was only Kojie San that stood out. It was priced affordably so I grabbed one and tried it. It looked the same except that Kojie San was heavier and has a livelier shade of orange. I usually cut it in half or fours so I can maximize the product. And it gave the same results. In just 5 days, all my acne healed and the new ones that were suppose to surface out, didn't.

On bad skin days, when my skin suffered with daily makeup application, late nights and hormones, I leave it on for 2 minutes like what I did before. I never experienced stinging while using it. There is a bit of rawness afterward  but that's just the kojic acid working it's way to exfoliate. With sunscreen and moisturizer, it's easily remedied. There was also no dramatic peeling. In medical terms, I would assume that it only does micropeeling. It's a derma term that means that your skin is exfoliating but you won't be noticeable. So don't be afraid to use makeup when you are using Kojie San.

As far as I am concern, I would associate the speedy lightening of my skin with the use of Kojie San. And yes, I use it on my face so for newbies out there who thinks that Kojie San is not just a body soap. Nope. It is safe to use for the face, too.

So how exactly does Kojie San works?

Kojic acid derived from the fermentation process that makes Japanese Sake. This acid helps inhibit melanin production which in turn helps you achieve a lighter skin. Kojic is also anti-bacterial, great for cleansing and reducing acne. With it's exfoliating properties, Kojic Acid helps the skin breathe by removing the stubborn dry skin layer that traps dirt on pores to reveal a new fairer layer of skin. With this, Kojie San made sure to only use high grade and quality kojic acid in all of their line and combine it with safe and natural products that promotes skin lightening and smoothening!

In my experience, the results varies depending on the severity of my dark spots. The bigger and darker it is and the longer you put off dealing with it, the harder time it will lighten. I do have stubborn acne marks to which I think needs stronger intervention but for the rest of my skincare darkening concerns, Kojie San solves it for me.

Right now, I incorporated the whole line of Kojie San in my daily routine to get that fairer, even-looking skin.

Here is my regimen:

Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap -contains high grade Kojic acid (P68)
AM/PM - for body and face , but separate soap bars)
Kojie San Cleanser + Toner - with Ginseng Extract + Rosehip Oil (P75)
Kojie San Lightening FaceCream - natural extracts + high grade Kojic acid(P120) 
Kojie San Lightenining Body Lotion (P262, 200ml)
Facial Exfoliation - 1x a week with Kojie San Lightening Soap by letting it sit on my skin for two minutes max.

Kojie San Cleanser + Toner - with Ginseng Extract + Rosehip Oil (P75)

Kojie San Lightening FaceCream - natural extracts + high grade Kojic acid(P120) 

Kojie San Lightenining Body Lotion (P262, 200ml)

Kojie San Lightenining Body Lotion (P262, 200ml) with product information at the back

I am a living testament that Kojie San works and I am just like you, a regular woman who jwants fairer skin that can survive sans makeup from time to time. That's why when I saw the Kojie San's TVC, it tugs the heart. Kojie San never had to sell themselves to me. What they had was key ingredient that I relied on to give me a whiter, even looking skin. For a girl who suffered acne and post acne marks and that very cycle continues to this very day, I needed a product that works. Most of all, I needed to see my skin a different light for once! To see it smooth, pockmark-free and even! 

Personally, I don't require big names on billboard, promises of younger-looking skin. If a product works, a product will sell. And that's why to this day, I have two extra bars of Kojie San in my stash. I think I won't be able to survive without it. It's been a part of regimen for so long! Almost a decade, in fact!

And isn't it amazing that my holy grail soap is the No.1 lightening soap in the country? Truly the results don't lie that Kojie San brings our skin to light!

So join me in this journey... let's achieve a face so fair, back worth baring and legs so alluring with the use of the complete line of Kojie San. Bakit nga ba tayo mahihiya sa balat natin kung meron naman solution! At P68 lang siya!

I guess, it's pretty obvious I'm addicted to Kojie San. 

If you want to know more about their awesome products, you may visit Kojie San Facebook page and Instragram.

Kojie San is available in all leading supermarkets, department stores, drugstores and even your local sari-sari store. :) Yes, it's that accessible!

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