Instagram Contest | Busy Days Should End with #LUXNights

Isn't great to be a woman today? Everything is made easy and everything seems achievable. And with that I see a lot of women around me accomplishing so many things, more women pursuing their dreams left and right. I, myself, have done exactly that after I have achieved one of my greatest dreams.. becoming a mother! It's been a tough ride but one I would never exchange for anything. I am in a place of peace, love and joy that words can't even begin to describe my how I feel.

Being a mother changed me entirely. It has taken all my time and have provided me with less moments with my myself. In a day, there are thousands of things needed to be done and I can't remember the last time I actually had a few hours all to myself. With all these joy came also a little chaos that caused me to want to retreat for a few minutes to recharge...

How do I do this? By indulging in a long luxurious bath every single night. I never go to bed tired and dirty. Rather I go to it smelling fresh and clean and with skin oh-so supple from minutes of massaging. It's my secret why I am always perky in the morning and ready to take on another day of challenges with work and a cute toddler.

And what more could be indulgent than the new LUX Perfumed Bar Soap and Body Wash Collection.

"The new LUX Perfumed Bar Soap and Body Wash Collection allows you to bathe with Perfume Every Day, and promises to be the luxurious indulgent treat every woman deserve – ending your busy days with #LUXNights. With fine fragrances crafted by Perfume Experts from New York, London and Paris, LUX offers you different scents to choose from such as Magical Spell, Soft Touch, White Impress and Love Forever. " 

How do I indulge in this luxurious bath after a day full of to do's?

Pour a coin-sized amount of body wash. 
You'll already smell the fragrance of orchids the moment you open the bottle.

Rub the bath puff to form a luxurious lather and the scent continuous to unfold.

Massage the bath puff all over your body for long lasting fragrance and let the scent and the moisturizing ingredients envelope your entire body. 

And who better to show you more how to enjoy this than one of the most successful artist in the country, Solenn Heusaff, who is multi-talented beauty and with a schedules miles long everyday!

Don't ever feel you don't deserve #LUXnights! We all do! So I'm giving you a chance to enjoy them for a many nights! Join my #LuxNight Instagram giveaway
This is an IG contest so it's pretty easy because we don't want to take away more of your precious time reserved for #LUXNights!

Here are the steps!

1. Post a photo of your busy days! Visit my Instagram, @shensaddiction, for an example.

2. On the caption of your Busy Days IG, answer this question:

                     Why do you deserve #LUXnights? 

3. Tag #LUXNights, @LUXph and me, @ShensAddiction (so we can keep track of your posts and make your profile public!)

This contest will run from February 3, to 14, 2015.
Lux Instagram Account will announce the 3 winners anytime on February 17, 2015!
Prizes are #LUXNights kits which includes complete variant of  Body Washes (4 pieces), a bath pouf, a notebook and a pen!
This giveaway is open to all Metro Manila residents only, prizes are to e picked up in Makati City.

Good luck! Looking forward to reading your posts!

Try new LUX Perfumed Body Wash 100ml for PHP55 (SRP) and LUX Perfumed Bar Soap 110g for PHP39 (SRP.)

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