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This is the first time I invited someone to write for Shen's Addiction and i'm so excited with this collaboration! \

Please welcome, Rina Zamora. She's one of my dearest friends who has the sweetest family I know. She's a fan of Maine Mendoza, but more than that, I think she's an amazing writer. So combine both and she became the perfect person to feature Maine's latest endorsement and one of my favorite line of lotion, Skin So Soft by Avon!

Hope you enjoy the article she wrote!

Avon Skin So Soft, number 1 in the Philippines as a whitening lotion brand has reached another breakthrough, now promising not just whiter skin, but now it also promises anti-aging benefits! Introducing the Skin So Soft Advanced White with Stem Essence Hand & Body Lotion!

And what makes this more exciting, especially for me, is that they got MAINE MENDOZA 
as the brand ambassador! Needless to say, this night was doubly special for me because I have discovered Skin So Soft, and got see (and take a photo with, and take a snapchat with) Maine Mendoza! It’s definitely one of the best nights ever!!!

But first. Let’s focus on Skin So Soft, and what makes this new product different.

What makes this different is the Stem Essence. Stem Essence, simply put, is the most precious cell in our body because of their ability to divide and regenerate, giving us the chance to “renew”, so to speak. But the thing is, we don’t have a lot of these. And as we age, these Stem Essence also slows down, grows slower, hence the appearance of dull and old looking skin.

So the way to turn this around so we can look radiant is to protect and nourish these stem cells. So how do we do this exactly? Enter Avon’s Skin So Soft Advance White!

Skin So Soft Advance White with Stem Essence has a new technology which allows it to harness the power if plant stem cells, particularly apple stem cells (Superior Apple Stem Essence Complex) to restore stem cell regeneration. And you will know this should work because of the tons of benefits you can get from apples. (In fact, aside from the vitamins and minerals, you can use Apple Cider Vinegar on your face to fight acne and wrinkles, which is what I’m also trying right now to end my break outs!) Go ahead, google it! It’s true!

With Skin So Soft Advanced White with Stem Essence, you are promised these eight ultimate benefits:

1.) Deeper whitening in just 3 days
2.) Porcelain White Efficacy
3.) Reduces Dark Spots
4.) Improves Clarity
5.) Evens Out Skin Tone

And you also get 3 Forever Young Benefits with Avon’s Superior Apple Stem Essence Complex

1.) Repairs Skin
2.) Increase Cell Renewal
3.) Restores Firmness

This becomes a perfect lotion for us women who’s always busy with life. And even more with women with crazy hectic schedules like Maine Mendoza who has a life noon-time show from Mondays thru Saturdays, has like a ton of other endorsement and photo shoots. From a “Yaya Dub” character in Eat Bulaga’s Kalye Serye, a character that only speaks through dub-smashing, she has emerged into a big star and a beauty icon that shows beauty inside and out. She is one of the most humble and kind celebrities there is today. In fact I don’t think she even realizes how big a star she already is!

During the launch, Main explains how excited she is to be an ambassador of the trusted Avon. Because with her work, with all the live shows and shootings, she really needs a product that will rejuvenate her skin at the cellular level to fight off the stress and everyday pollution.

On a personal note, I love that the texture of the lotion is very light and doesn’t feel at all sticky on the skin. And I really love the subtle fresh scent. Today’s the first day I tried it. And I’m excited and looking forward to the upcoming days of rejuvenated skin!

Intrigued? You can order the Skin So Soft Advance White with Stem Essence Hand & Body Lotion through your Avon representative, or you may shop online at www.avonshop.ph (Free shipping too right at your doorstep!)You can also shop through your mobile by downloading the Avon Brochure app for iOS and Android!

Thank you so much Shen for having me as a guest blogger in Shen’s Addiction. I wouldn’t have had this amazing night if it weren’t for you!

#MaineforAvon #SkinSoSoft

Facebook: AvonPhilippines 

By Rina Zamora (www.rinasrainbow.net)
Photos creditted to Ms. Rina Zamora

I am super excited with the new Avon Skin So Soft Advance White with Stem Essence. I always think that any product with apples in it are going to effective. Malic Acid, that is derived from apples, are actually effective skin lightener and are usually very expensive treatments at dermatological clinics. I'm happy Avon has made it available and quite affordable, too, for us to enjoy products with top notch ingredients! And cheers to Avon for their newest family member, Maine Mendoza!!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! Thanks, Rina, for accepting my invitation! Much love!

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