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We don't talk about it, we actually try to hide it. But it's the number 1 nagging experience that happens to us monthly. Usually associated with bouts of mood swings, frustrations and days we get it require meticulous planning and strategy in wardrobe and schedule. It sometimes cause a mini-walkathon down at the convenience store.

Yes, It's the dreaded time of the month that boys seem to associated with girls changing in to werewolves (silly, silly men. tsk!). Our period.

But a period doesn't have to a sentence. (see what I did there! Me, neither!)

I admit there were days I hated getting my period. That's only because I haven't found the perfect pad for it! And like looking for the best diaper for my baby Camilla Claudette, the search wasn't as futile as I thought it would be. No matter what I do, I still go back to Whisper because they just keep on getting better.

The new Whisper Skin Love came out weeks ago but I only got around to reviewing it last week because you can't very well reviewing a sanitary pads without your period, right?

There are three things that I need from my pads, fail any of it or even be mediocre about it, I will replace you. Yes, I'm cruel like that because I consider my lady parts sacred.

1. Absorbent

Sanitary Pads, you have one job. Be absorbent. Allow me to wear white during my red flag day and I'll be a fan. Did Whisper Love pass the test? I was not sure considering how thin it was! Seriously so thin, I chose to wear a printed black and white shorts instead on my first day. Siyempre, I didn't want to risk getting stains right? But 3-4 hours in on Day 1, still no tagos! Not on my underwear, not anywhere! And I was pretty much all over the place because it was a playdate with my fellow mommies in our Lamaze Class so I was contasntly on the move with a kulit kulot in tow.

Good job, Whisper Love. You lived up quite spectacularly with your promise of 3x absorbency.The magic gel really absorbs 40x it's weight that on my heaviest days, you did not falter! And the best part is walang fishy smell! (TMI, but you know what I'm talking about!)

2. Comfort

Please don't give me rashes. Allow my skin to breathe! I love my hoo-ha so much that I hate to see it red and splotchy! Besides, it's soooo unhygeinic. Eeew!

Although I would usually change my pads at least every 2-3 hours, there are times that I skip this and extend. I know, kadiri. But when you're in knee deep in work, baby wrangling or have no access to a ladies' room, nganga ka talaga. I really hate getting rashes, that only means a sub-par sanitary pads. Yuck, talaga.

It's a good thing that Whisper Skin Love's Soft Air Dry Cushion protected my skin from kulob that regular plastic-y pads can't. Most sanitary pads are soft to the touch, but Skin Love is extra velvety smooth. You'll really feel like your sitting on skin down is well taken care of with Whisper Skin Love.

3. Gives me a Good Night Sleep

Protecting yourself from tagos during the day is easy. It's the nighttie that's the culprit. I love my bedsheets stain-free, please! I do not sleep alone so stains are a no-no. And every stained bed means wasted money since I send it out to the laudromat! Mahal kaya magpalaundry ng bedsheets!

That is why I am a fan of Whisper All Night pads. I've been using them for years now. And their Whisper Skin Love is... well, LOVE! As in! Since we can't predict how we move when we're asleep, having an overnight pad that protects us and be able to stay in place is such a relief! I hate those half-asleep moments at night when I have my period just because I'm scared I'm going to stain my bed. Imagine the discomfort! But now I get all the sleep I want just like my daughter naman in Pampers Baby Dry.

That's it! Three simple things that a good sanitary must do. No stains, no rashes and provides a good night sleep.

To know more how the NEW Whisper Skin Love, let the video show it to you!

Whisper Skin Love, you definitely have a convert here!

So don't be bummed when you get your period. Let us remember that our period is sign that our female body is functioning well. Having to bleed means cleansing of our system! Besides, did you know that your skin is at its best two three days after your period? That means you can plan a photo shoot, go out on dates for your skin will be surely glowing during these days.

It's all in the strategy! Red days shouldn't be so bad and you're best strategy is using Whisper Skin Love! I vouch for it!

Make your period days relaxing by treating yourself with your favorite milkshake, a hand lotion that has relaxing scent and a TV Series marathon.

I tried Whisper Skin Love for free via Sample Room! If you still don't know what Sample Room is, it's a sampling sites that provides you the latest and the most interesting beauty and personal care products free of charge! To try before you buy, visit

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