My Healthway Healthcheq Executive Check-up

Healthway's HealthCheq Executive Check-up couldn't have come at a better time! Thank God for His perfect timing! Two weeks after that, I was offered a job that would require more work and responsibilities! It was a job I was actually praying for but I've always doubted myself if I can do it. Knowing where my health stood made me more confident to take on a role that I know would require not only a fit mind but also a fit body. 

I now understand why Healthway made their Executive Check-ups more premium than others. With people who have important roles, people who manage hundreds of people and even a full time mom like me then, who has time to go and get every part of our body checked? Not me. I've been working for years and though I could afford an annual physical check-up, I didn't think for once to schedule one. It was only when it was required and if I could get away with it, I wouldn't even go.

Healthcheq is Healthway's premium brand of Executive Check up that provides a complete physical examination that uses top of the line processes, imaging machines and only the best health care providers. The great thing about HealthCheq is that their include other benefits on top of the physical exams you are paying for. You get a lot of perks that will certainly put you in better state and mood post your anual physical exams. Results within 24 hours. Because they know how important time is for people like us.

It starts with a brief consultation with one of their top Physician who will provide your with the necessary lists of tests depending on your initial consultation and physical examination.hey already had a set list of physical test that they would recommend for my age.

Naturally my physical exam was conducted in the morning as fasting is better when done overnight. My fasting started at 12 noon, so by 9 in the morning, my blood was drawn and urine was collected for Urinalysis. The whole check-up also includes a nutritious breakfast. I chose Bacon and Egg sandwich and it came with a slice of banana and a cup of yogurt. I was glad to see a good size portion since I was famished! Lol!

This was all done at the exclusive area for for premium patients of Healthway. No need to line up, you just have to sit back relax, play Clash of Clans or Candy Rush or enjoy the movie screening at the flatscreen.

My doctor recommended I get a Chest X-Ray, Abdominal, Breast and Transvaginal Ultrasound, 2D Echo and Treadmill Tests. For my age, she wanted to know if I my heart was in top shape especially since I have history of heart ailments in the family. After a short interview, jotting down my medical history, past operations and overall health, she proceeded to conduct an eye exam and a preliminary internal exam. She also took specimen for my Papsmear.

My tests pretty much went smoothly. I admit that the 2D echo and stress tests were the ones I found daunting since these were the tests I tried to stay away from. A part of me believed that if I don't know I'm sick, it wouldn't manifest. Stupid, right? But the doctors ordered it so I took them. The stress test required  a more comfortable clothes and rubbershoes, small monitoring nodes will be placed strategically in your chest to monitor your heart.

Oh, you should have seen me during the Treadmill and ECG  test! I did horrible! Well, by my standard, I feel I did horrible! I only lasted 9 minutes! Pathetic, I know. I was out of breathe and lines moving on the screen was well stressing me out (pun intended. LOL!) There's a certain rate I had to reach and when i did reach it, I feel like my body started shutting down. Well, that and the fact the the treadmill gradually inclines ever minute or so.

Good thing that I was told that this specific test is not the same as going to the gym. The nurse assured me that even peopel who are physically active have a hard time with the Treadmill. I don't know if she's saying that to make me feel better, but it worked. :)

The 2D echo is similar to an ultrasound which at first was nerve-racking but after a while, I got used to it that I fell asleep a bit while it was being done.

In less than three hours, I was done! It was that quick and that easy! To be honest it sort of felt like I was just going to the spa for a massage and facial or had gotten my nails done. Quicker, even.

I now realize that one of the things I didn't like about regular physical exams was all the waiting. But when you get Healthway's HealthCheq Executive, the're no waiting and there's seamless service so you're in and out and on to your next appointment.

Waiting though for the results, got me thinking of worst possible things. So the benefit definitely of getting a Premium Executive Check-up is the swift availability of the results of your physical exams! To not worry for days or weeks not knowing the results! Que Horror!

My Post-Evalution with one of their Primary Care Physician was conducted at my specified date and time. A bound book of all the results along with the other perks (which I will share with you in a bit) are provided in a sealead envelope. I was ushered to a private area solely for the use only of their premium clientele. Then waited just a bit for the doctor to call me into her office.

I handed her my book of results and she one by one explained to me every result of each test. It took quite a while, but I was eager to discuss each result with her. I'm so glad that I belong to a family of doctors and hours spent watching Grey's Anatomy and HOUSE did help me understand the terms my doctor was talking about.

I wouldn't go to every nitty gritty details as I find some of them confidential but I'm glad to share that I'm in good health! A bit overweight but in great health! I have no worries about all the chicaron, milkshakes, sisig and curry plates I have been eating didn't hunt in a form of an ailment. My doctor, however, recommended that I take a time off to relax and rejuvenate. She also recommended that I take up brisk walking daily and gradually increase physical activities from now on.

Please note though that exams may vary depending on the decision of the Primary Care Physician who do your Full Medical History and Initial Physical Exams. Depending on age, lifestyle, etc. we may have varying tests conducted on us.

Your Healthcheq experience will include the following extensive medical exams.

  • Laboratory Tests (complete blood count, fasting blood sugar, urinalysis, fecalysis, lipid profile, blood uric acid, creatinine, HBsAg Screening, blood uera nitrogen, thyroid function - FT3, FT$, TSH, SGPT, SGOT, HBA1C, prostate specific antigen-for male only)
  • Imaging Procedures (chest x-ray - PA, transvaginal/transrecl ultrasound-female only, make whole abdomen ultrasound, female whole abdomen ultrasound, breast ultrasound)
  • Special Examinations - treadmill stress test, electrocardiogram, 2D Echo with Doppler Study, Pap Smear-female only)
  • Dental Service - dental check-up
  • Other Services - full medical histroy and physical examination, one specialist consult, one post evaluation consult with Primary Care Physician, breakfast

It's a great thing that Healthway's HealthCheq provides a lot of perks! Mine includes the following!

  • Hotel Staycation at any of the following hotels
  • Free Wellness Visa
  • Oral Prophylaxis
  • Intense Diamond Peel
  • Php200 worth of AB Pharma medicine/product

                  every voucher has a One (1) year validity period.

I'm really glad I was able to take charge of my health and was able to conquer my fears. There was no comfort in not knowing. I now realize that I was merely prolonging my agony. Now all those worry I pushed at the back of my head was for nothing! Now, I have the peace of mind! And oh what true peace HealthCheq has given me now that I know that I am okay, I am well. That my health is not going to stop me from doing whatever I want.

I come in to a new year (my birthday is right around the corner), with good health, a new career and a with incredible happiness that I share with my family. I just feel so much better!

Now I can't wait to recharge using the many wellness perks that are included in this package! I got a hotel room at H2O hotel.

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