The Amazing #SMARTiPhone6

No phone can ever make me feel giddy like a new iPhone! Seriously. As much as I go ga-ga over a new makeup collection, my reaction over this new matte white box is just pure excitement. The slow removal of the wrapping and letting the lower box gradually descend to reveal my shiny new phone is totally unnerving. You know what's inside but you just can't help that big smile that runs from cheek to cheek that you'd caused your lips to chap.

And of course, lastly, the slow-mo peeling of the plastic cover. It's so hard to describe, so let this clip from the The Big Bang Theory describe how I feel when I peeled off the plastic cover of my brand spanking new #SMARTiPhone6.

I know you know what I mean! It's the best feeling ever! Like Christmas morning. :)

But why this love over a phone? I just think it's the best. Transitioning from one iPhone to another is so much easier. Easy transfer of contacts, SMS and photos. I still keep important messages from 2011 and 2010 that were in my iPhone 3S. I never had to lose a contact ever and I don't have any fear of not having a keepsake shot from a previous phone. I'm also not afraid about losing any information since I either back up all my data on my laptop or the iCloud. That alone makes iPhone an ideal phone for the very busybee-me.

But owning iPhone is seriously of no use when you don't have a data plan. It's just me but having a iPhone with a reliable data conncetion is like having everything at your fingertips. And since switching to SMART with their SMART iPhone Plans, my iPhone had more use to me than ever. It was the best decision I've made and I never looked back. 

For daily use, I get to check all my social media accounts. I can post in real time on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (hello, flooding of baby #CamillaClaudette's photos. LOL!). I don't ever have to ask for direction because of Waze. For days I don't want to drive (which is so often now with the crazy Metro Manila traffic), I use EasyTaxi. No sweating looking for a cab out on the streets. I also purchase my magazines via Buqo or iTunes so i'm updated with the latest trends.

For work, the reliable and often fast SMART LTE connection allows me to check my e-mails on-the-go and reply back in real time. I get to use Facebook Page for accounts I handle with different brands. And though blogging is not work for me, I get to blog on the road with the blogger app. And who here do not use Viber? Hello, free SMS and calls!

Best of all, I don't have to eat up space on my phone for music because I have music streaming on my phone, thanks to SMART Deezer and Spinnr! And if I want to watch anything to distract, there's always Youtube!

You can't do all of these is you have crappy internet connection. It will only frustrate you, but worst, it eats up your phone's battery. Having an iPhone with a SMART connection is the best thing ever. Being on SMART changed my social media life completely. I never had to deal with bad signals, weird billing charges or dropped calls. When I do have some problems, I get the most courteous customer representive who knew what they were talking about or have distinct answers to my queries. And when they don't, they get back to me quickly to find out what I needed. This was specially helpful when I traveled abroad last year.

And now with the new iPhone 6, life is like this new phone. Bigger and better. I was pretty content with the previous model's screen but yes, bigger in this case, is better especially for eyeglasses-wearing me. But more than the larger screen, slimmer look, what got me is faster process and better power efficiency (thanks to the upgraded A8 chip. It's definitely the upgrade we have been waiting for. A very good Christmas gifts to iPhone loyalist like me. :)

Add to that the great 8MP iSight camera with Focus Pixels and has slow-mo video. Amazeballs! Expect more photos and videos of my adorabs baby #CamillaClaudette!

But before I bore you with tech-y details about my sweet iPhone 6? Here's her mini pictorial. :)

Hi, iPhone! You've given us everything. But let's do something about your lightning cord, shall we?

Doesn't she look pretty? :) #fotd 
I was eyeing space grey at first but I'm glad I went for gold. It's so classy. :)

The upgraded size of 4.7 inches is just ideal. It didn't take me a lot of time to get use to it. I love the Retina HD Display. It's beyond words.

Since my last iPhone was 5 and 5C, this is the first time to experience the Touch ID. It's like being in a space movie whenever I would open my phone or buy an App from the App Store. It's way more fun and yes, safer for us. No need to type in my complicated alpha-numeric password when making a purchase.

The anti-thickness is unbelievable. To be able to pack so much power in one phone and to make it slimmer is imind-blowing. Although I miss the power button being on the upper portion.

Better speaker, too. No kidding. The best compared to all the phones I've tried.

The beveled lens bothered me a little bit since I like my iPhone naked. But damn, does this take great photos. If you follow me on Instragram, you'll know what I mean. It's so good, I don't use my regular camera anymore to take photos especially at events.

I love you, iPhone 6. Really, I do. So, better get one before it's too late.

SMART sweetened the pot for y'all with so much freebies when you get an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus! Nothing but the best from the biggest network. O yeah! As always, I recommend getting a postpaid line. ;)

Choose Your Own Mobile Number
New Smart Postpaid subscribers have the exclusive privilege of choosing a customized phone number from a particular number series, provided that the number is still available. This offer is available for a limited time and on a first-come, first-served basis, and can be enjoyed when you sign up at any Smart Store nationwide.

Wipe Out Your Current Contract
Locked in to your current Postpaid Contract? SMART Postpaid subscribers now have the option to Wipe Out their current contract and upgrade to an iPhone handset in their new contract for a discount. Plus! Get a FREE 1-year handset insurance for subscribers availing iPhone 6 or 6 Plus for Plan 800 and up. For more details visit: http://www.smart.com.ph/wipeout  

Free Movies on your iPhone 6
All subscribers of the Smart iPhone 6 will get FREE 3 Movie vouchers through the smartphone app, Blink.

Here are the SMART iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Plan Matrix for your perusal! :)

If you want a more details, you can visit the SMART website. They've got everything there.

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