Benefit Lollitint | Product Review

Benefit's Lollitint is by far my favorite lip and cheek tint to date. Want to find out why? Read on!

I was one of those people who got really excited when I saw Benefit Cosmetics come out with a candy-orchid inspired lip and cheek tint. Like many, I was excited to see beauty brands coming out with shades to celebrate the color of the year, radiant orchid. It was such a pretty color that I wanted to experience it beauty-wise. I know cool tones are hard to pull off against my warm skin tone but I was ready to experiment.
And it did not disappoint! First off, the packaging is tres gorgeous! It's housed in a similar round mini jar container as the rest of the iconic Benefit lip tints, but in a shiny lavender-pink design with candy cane swirls. It's way too pretty for words. :)
And then we come to the tint!
On the cheeks, it's this flattering cool-toned pink that gives that doll-like blush. The shade may appear more on fairer skintone but i'm glad it showed up on mine pretty well. It dries pretty quickly on the cheeks so you need to be quick with the blending. It works much better on a well-moisturized-no-makeup skin. But I was able to work it well with a full-on makeup.
On the lips, it goes on a pretty pink shade. Just make sure that you exfoliated your lips to avoid patches. Apply on even dry lips amd if your feel you need moisture, apply a thin coat of a lip balm or lip gloss.
As expected with most tints, staying power of Lollitint is amazing! The stain stays on like a mother.
I admit that i'm not a lip and cheek person. I prefer my blushes in powder form. But now that I have less time to prep.. Or putting on makeup has become a tedious process during this pregnancy, I now go for easy ways to apply any product that will make me appear more presentable than how i actually feel. And though I have a few choices of tints at home, Lollitint seems to be a prettier choice for me lately.
I feel more feminine with its milky pink hue on my now chubby cheeks and that soft hint of lavander hue on lips. So if that's the goal of Lollitint, i say they are doing one hell of a good job. :)
For more photos, closer look of Lollitint, swatches, FOTD's, etc. scroll down please. :)

Benefit Cosmetics Lollitint (Php1,800) is available at all Benefit Cosmetics counters


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