Getting Ready for Breastfeeding with Pigeon | My Just-In-Case Breastfeeding Essentials

Breast feeding is the most natural thing for us women to do.

When I learned I was having a baby, I promised myself that I will do my best do anything and everything for my child. Not the expensive baby things, but the really important ones. Like breastfeeding, time, energy and all the love that I could give.

So I started to read on breastfeeding and read incredible stories. Breastfeeding do not only benefit the baby but also the mother, too. Children who are breastfed have better protection from illnesses, they have better motor skills, advance brain development and so much more. For moms, studies show that women who breastfed has less chance of developing postpartum depression, loses weight easily and are less prone to certain types of cancer.

And how intimate breastfeeding is for a mother and child. Why wouldn't I want to take advantage of every chance I get to feel closer to my child?

But with all the good news and benefits of breastfeeding also comes the horror stories of failure to breastfeed. Thanks (sometimes no thanks) to some forums I've joined, I read bad breastfeeding experiences of moms that got me worried and admittedly, scared.

What if I don't produce enough milk? What if I don't learn latching immediately? How will I breast feed when my nipples are sore? What if I can't take the pain?

But I couldn't let those questions and doubts get to me. That's the time I started searching for products to aid me. A lot of my mom friends said that I wouldn't need them. That all I have to do is trust my instincts. And really that's what I'm doing now. I want to be ready for anything. So I started searching the internet for aids on breastfeeding. When I found them, I took advantage of the Baby Company Baby Fair last February to purchase some essential breastfeeding aids.

I call these things, the "Just in case Breastfeeding Essentials." Since breastfeeding is as natural as it could get, you may not necessarily need these things. When you and your baby learn the proper way of latching on, it's going to be so easy you won't have to worry about needing these things. But given the struggle of giving birth, and that you may prefer to stay at home for awhile with your baby, it would be great to have these things on hand... just in case.

Here are the things that I purchased during the Baby Company Baby Fair 2014 last February

Pigeon Disposable Breast Pads (36 pieces) - Php329.75 (got it for Php265)
Pigeon Nipple Care Cream - Php699.75 (got it for Php560)
Mother Care Essentials - Php999.75

The Mother Care Essentials, I purchased at the Baby Company section of SM Megamall. It's like first aid kit for breastfeeding moms. I purchased these because they didn't have the individiually packed nipple shields at that time and I thought that I'm getting a good bargain with purchase this set.

It contains the following

Nipple Shields (one pair)
Disposable Breast pads (12 pieces)
Full size Nipple Care Cream

Here they are unboxed. :)

The Nipple Shields are very similar to the the bottle nipple. It has tiny holes in them to allow air to circulate. This supposedly will help with nipple soreness and healing should your nipples take on a beating from breastfeeding. Securing them was quite easy. It's soft and comfortable.

a closer look | Nipple Shields
More so, the nipple shields still allow the baby to breastfeed from you as your nipple heals. This would be a great help for those who have teething toddlers. :)

Disposable breast pads are very similar to diapers and sanitary napkins. It protects your clothing from breastmilk leaks as this may occur even when you're not breast feeding. I got two of these. One from the Mother Care Essentials and a 36 pieces pack.

Instructions on how to use Disposable Breast Pads

Lastly, Pigeon Nipple Care Cream. It seemed natural to also grab a tube of this for my breastfeeding care essentials. :) it's made with pure lanolin which is ultra-moisturizing. It is also safe for babies. :)

I can't tell you enough how excited I am with breastfeeding. Armed with knowledge, confidence and these products, I am so ready to give all the nutrients that my daughter will want through breast milk. :)

Any of you tried any of these products when you breastfed? Let me know your thought?

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