Wedding Prep Update!

It's finally happening! In less than two weeks, R and I are finally getting married!

Almost everything is set in order. We already found a place to take our witnesses to lunch. We have invited a few special people in our lives, too. And I have designed an invitation to send out to those who will be participating in the ceremony. Unfortunately, due to the time constraints and the date of our wedding, a good number of the people we want to be there won't be able to make it. But I'm glad that those dearest to our hearts, our families, will be there on that special day.

Civil wedding may not be as special as a church wedding, but for me and R, is it still an event worth celebrating.

I will be going back to the beauty blogging track soon, I have just been extremely distracted with all the preparation, pregnancy and work. What I'm on now is determining how to fit in to my wedding dress (which I'll be showing you after the wedding) and what bridal makeup to go with it. Yes, I will be doing both my hair and makeup on the big day. Here's to hoping I wake up early so I have enough time to prepare! :)

Wish me luck! I will definitely need it!

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