Brows 101 with Majolica Majorca Wow Brows Kit

"Never take advise from someone with poorly groomed brows."

You know what, that makes sense. I can't seem to concentrate on a conversation with someone with bad brows... I actually can't take it when I, too, have unkempt brows. Can you believe that it was only a couple of years ago that I really started to learn how to groom my brows? 

I can't even say I'm an expert, but I cannot live without making sure my brows are tinted and well in place. Not anymore. And not when you have bushy ones like mine. Mind you, they are not the androgynous brows like Cara Delevingne. They look more like something from  in a Shake Rattle & Roll movie when they remain unkempt.

So if you're like me whose brows are more trouble than they worth, I hope this tutorial I made using some of the easiest brow tamers in the world from Majolica Majorca. :) Fall in love with the art of Brows 101 and get groomed in just... 4 Simple Steps.

BROWS 101 with Majolica Majorca Wow Brows! Set

1. Tweeze out stray hairs around the eye area, especially the ones located along the lids.

Can't take the pain? Numb out the area with a cube of ice for a minute or two then start plucking those strays strays!

2. Instead of plucking your brows, trim uneven hair length instead.

Make sure to take a step back and look straight at the mirror to ensure that both brows look the same. :)
Brush with spoolie before plucking or trimming to avoid trimming it to excess.

3. Using the Majolica Majorca Brow Customize pen in a Sword Cut shape! 

I like the sword cut since the width of it is already the width I want my brows to from the inner corner. I color it in softly then slant it out to line the outer edge. The consistency is waxy and very newbie-friendly. Easy to control even with shaky hands.

4. Set your brows with the Majolica Majolica Brow and Lash Colorist.

Still my HG Brow Mascara, the wand helps transfer shade well onto the brows, just swipe and fill in the brows. It sets the brows properly and lasts the whole day. Look bida-worthy with brows groomed with his brow mascara.

Tip: If your hair is lighter to blonde choose Brow and Lash Colorist in BR333
For brown to black hair, choose BR555

I used BR333 in this tutorial (the lighter of the two shades)


Result is gorgeous looking brows! :)
This is a photo I did a couple of months ago before I learned I was pregnant. :) 

Tune in next week! I'll be giving away a Majolica Majorca Wow Brows Kit!!

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