NEW! Za Cosmetics Impact-full Eyes Groovy Palette and Perfect Action Mascara

Za took my Manila by storm in its few short months from its launch. It's a brand that many Filipinas wanted to come back and prayers have indeed been answered.

Recently, they launched their NEW Impact-Full Eyes palettes and NEW Perfect Action Mascaras. A note-worthy collection that adds more character to the brand.

Za, if you remember from way back, is a very simple yet up-to-date kind of beauty brand. The collection of products aren't overwhelming at all. The clean packaging makes it's easy on the eyes and choosing a breeze for the consumer. It's nonsensical. You need a lipstick, they have it and in shades you won't find trouble choosing from. They've got shadows that are both neutrals and playful shades that fit any kind of mood. It's great for everyday wear and are all too newbie-friendly.

From the new things they have, here are my two favorite.

Za Impact-Full Eyes in Groovy Type (Favorite Dress)

I'm very happy with the neutral tones of the square shadows. The shades are safe-for-work and everyday makeup look. Pink, like I mention time and again, is a great alternative to beige for your neautral makeup look. It adds whimsy and femininity to the whole look. The gold shadow that comes with it, adds pizzaz to this palette. Topping it off on this neutral mix makes this look worthy of its Groovy name. :)

The shadows (except for the gold one) is satin in texture, easy to blend and very much pigmented. The gold is glittery. If you want to make your look groovy and impact-full, make sure to use lots of this shade on top of the rest of eye shadows in this palette.

Za Impact-Full Eyes in Groovy Type (Favorite Dress) Swatches 

Za Perfect Action Mascara (Smudge-proof)

A mascara that promises 3-in-1 action is always worthy of a second look. It promises curl, length and volume. Quite a feat, right? But I don't have a hard time disagreeing. Japanese brands do make ingenious mascaras and Za Perfect Action, with leaf-like shaped wand lives ups to it's name. I love the straight fiber of the wand as it delivers the product to the lashes with much clumping. The tip edge makes it easier for me to reach on the corner parts of my lash line.

If you're a newbie to mascara and in need something that's a no-brainer, get this Za Perfect Action Mascara. It comes in Waterproof formula, too.

Have you had a chance to try the new Za products? Share with me your thoughts!

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