Beauty Giveaway: Cream Silk Hairfall Defense | Win a Cream Silk Gift Pack

Hair strands can be used as violin strings? Yes, it can! But only the strongest can withstand each stroke to make the beautiful cry of a violin. With Cream Silk's new Hair Fall desfence, it has the power to strengthen your hair 10x more than your regular hair fall conditioner. A feat for the no. 1 conditioner in the country.

It also smoothens and make your hair strands shine and penetrates hair deep inside with its Vita-Boost Complex. With Sam Pinto starring in Cream Silk’s newest TVC, you will get to see how the Hair Fall Defense range not only makes you see strong hair, but also makes you hear it, too. Watch the TVC, share it with your friends, and believe in the power to go beyond beautiful!

Get a chance to win a Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense gift pack! Fill up the Rafflecopter contest entry. :)

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