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Treasure can be found in the most unusual places and oftentimes, they are hiding right under our noses. That is exactly how I felt about the Natasha Beauty Lip Duos sent to me two weeks ago. It's so easy to become a brand snob when I barely get to come across direct seller where I live and where I currently work. But there was a time that I sated my beauty addiction from these brands.

Lip Duos are double-ended lip products that has lipstick on one end and a lip gloss on the other. Both in complimenting shares that you can mix o wear alone should you choose to.

Instantly, you'll feel how easy it is to glide the lipstick on to your lips. No tugs or pulls. The color transfer on first swipe and builds up color and intensity the more you apply, giving a soft sheen. Imagine my surprise because the Lip Duos are only Php200 each! But when I got to try the lipgloss, that's the moment I knew what a gem these products are. No sticky feel, no untoward scent. Rather, the transfer was silky smooth. It was rather luxurious.

More so, the color doesn't bleed out from the sides of the lips and stays on a good amount of time or until your next sip and eat.

Take a closer look of the Lip Duos I own, their swatches individually and when the lipstick and lip gloss are paired together.

NB Coral Duo Peach is a flattering nude peach. It's incredible against a pale warm skintone. Great for daily use and for that fierce smokey eyes.

NB Coral Duo Peach Lipstick + Lipgloss | Lipstick | Gloss

NB Cosmos Duo Pink is a raving shade of pink peach. A party pleaser, this one. You'll definitely attract attention with this shade. The good one for sure. Add a little shine to your day with the Cosmos Duo Pink. I love it best when they are paired to together.

NB  Cosmos Duo Pink Lipstick + Gloss | Lipstick | Gloss

NB Pink Duo is a bright pink lipstick that can rival many pink high-end lipstick brands I know. This little spitfire can make you look fashion forward in a few swipes. This pairs well with defined eyes and lashes. Skip the shadow and go straight to lining your eyes with a patent liquid liner, wing it and load up on mascara to open up those peepers. Swipe this lip duo on and you're good to go.

NB PInk Duo Lipstick + Gloss | Lipstick | Gloss

So gorgeous, right? I am seriously considering collecting all of the Natasha Beauty Lip Duo
What about you?

Find out more about Natasha Beauty at Natasha's Official Website. You can also order online if you don't know a Natasha direct seller. :)

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