Cherie Gil's 5 Beauty Secrets

Last Saturday was a happy day for me! I got to see my all-time fave actress, Cherie Gil! She's everything I'd hoped she'd be! Classy, composed, candid and definitely fabulous! How could she still look exceptionally gorgeous after all these years? During the event, I just had to ask!

Her 5 beauty secrets? 

  1. Smile all the time
  2. Be grateful with everything you have
  3. Drink lots of water
  4. Start your day with Acti-V
  5. Exercise (she's been going to the gym since she was 15 and now learning tango!)
Simple beauty secrets that we can all do! It is achievable to be like Cherie Gil! Oh God, I was starstruck. I've admired her ever since I saw Bituing Walang Ningning and since then have tried to watch all her movies. She plays a lot of different roles but known for her antagonist ones. The woman you love to hate, for sure. And yet for me, I think she's got the character and talent that most leading ladies in the country (even during the 80's and 90's) didn't have. I look forward to seeing her in plays! And of course to use products she endorses!

Given how much I adore her, of course I would buy what ever she puts her name on! I don't usually get swayed by celebrity endorsements but it's always been different with Cherie Gil.

When I got the invitation from Nuffnang Philippines to join the Nestle Acti-V Go Lounge event at Romulo Cafe at Quezon City, I took this chance to finally meet her! Yes, I was in full fan girl mode! I can only thank Nestle Acti-V for getting a top caliber endorser!

Cherie Gil shares that with age comes with few difficulties. You have to watch your weight to maintain your health and given as we age, we have more daunting responsibilities causing untoward irregularities in our body. With that she turns to Acti-V for help. It has 5 grams of fiber that allows her body to expel toxins regularly.

Having suffered constipation most of my life due to the fact that I barely eat veggies or drink water, I know how having irregularities in your movement can ruin a lifestyle. Other sources of constipation are the following:
  • Stress
  • Resisting the urge to do bowel movement
  • Lack of fiber in your diet
  • Dehydration
  • Disruption of regular diet or routine
  • Overuse of laxatives

How to know you're constipated? See if you feel the following,
  • Infrequent bowel movement
  • Swollen abdomen or bloating
  • Pain in abdominal area

As you all know, constipation or irregular expulsion of toxins can also stress our body that can result to bad skin. And achieving regularity can help reduce skin problems like acne!

That's why adding Acti-V to your diet will help relieve your sufferings daily. With just a cup, you already get 5 grams of fibers and that equates to bowl of salad! Since we need at least 21 to 25 grams of fibers daily, this is an easy way to get it! As always, when it comes to changing your diet, do it gradually!

During the Nestle Acti-V Go Lounge event, the Acti-V team also showed us a few ways that can help us relax and destress! :) Maintain regularity in your life and help your body become healthier. All of us who attended the event, did them for almost half the day last Saturday!

I have to remember to indulge in a massage once in awhile to help my muscle relax.

A zen ambiance will surely encourage relaxation

Watching a feel-good movie is certainly a good way to de-stress. Nestle Acti-V showed us a few good ones. French films are always the way to go and some of us enjoyed the viewing!

For me, having well placed interiors and a clean home is also a good way to start a postive vibe! Reduce the clutter in your head, too!

Arts and crafts is definitely a fun way to destress and take your mind off of your problems.
I enjoyed designing my lunchbox!

Sleeping is probably the best way to regain balance in your life. Nothing like a good sleep to invite rejuvenation. Nestle Acti-V teams knows how important a good night sleep is so they had us personalize a pillow that we can take home with us!

Spending time with a good friend over good food, I think, is the best way. Specially if you get to enjoy a delicious dessert such as Acti-V with Actifibras!

With my good friend, Lara! Seeing friends always brings me happiness!

I look up to Cherie Gil who has managed to age ever so gracefully! And if she says that eating Acti-V will help me become healthier and like her, age well! I will now make sure to include it in my diet. It's not just yogurt for me anymore but Acti-V with Actifibras!

Have you tried Acti-V with Actifibras? Share with me your experience!

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