How To: My Favorite 50's Inspired Makeup Look

This has got to be my favorite makeup look Taking inspiration from the women of the 50's, gals in that decade made it look so easy to look so poised and put together! The moment I perfected the use of a gel liner, one of the makeup looks that I practiced doing was the pin-up look. Winged liner with crimson lips and well-defined cheek bones. It is quite similar to the look we have here... which in my opinion is the best makeup look for all types of women.

It's is all about definition. Playing with light, highlighting and contouring. It's making your best feature pop and let it stand out but reducing the insecurities you have. The look has an "alive" feel to it. Like you're all made up and ready to conquer anything. 

What's great with this look is that it's wearable to any type of occasion. I've worn this at work, when i attended a wedding and even just having coffee with friends. This look does not discriminate that's why I love it. It doesn't choose clothes. You can practically wear anything with it.

Best of all, you don't have to spend so much on makeup or collect too many to achieve this look. All you need is a serviceable everyday neutral makeup palette that has beige, brown and black and you can recreate this eye makeup look. Add gel liner, eye pencil and mascara and you're well on your way to looking fab. So incredibly easy!

My advise is to buy products that are long-wearing and can withstand our humid weather and any type of activities. So far, I found them all in Bobbi Brown' Long-Wear collection but I'm sure you can scout other products all your favorite mall. :)

I did a thorough step by step  how to above that I hope can help you. With practice, this look can be done in 5 to 10 minutes. I've been doing this look for a long time, I can do this in the car (not driving of course) and in bathrooms with minimal lighting. I'm sure you can do this look well, if not better than me! :)

Just remember to enjoy and don't think about what others will say when you're sporting a new look. Carry yourself with confidence and surround yourself with people who love and appreciate you!

Happy Monday!!

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