T. LeClerc Goyave Nail Lacquer | Cutest Summer Polish

Yes, it's another nail polish review. I'm rushing this one just before the ends becasue I gotta tell you that you have to get this now! Especially if you're in to rock the season with a bright coral shade of nails.

T. LeClerc is totally making me love them for the past few collection. There's the pin-up inspired Spring shades of Loved By You Collection and now with their Summer givings!

Goyave is French word for the Guava, the face of the  fruit from which this polish is inspired from. T. LeClerc definitely hit the sweet zesty spot of this polish because it's making me think of cool drinks, bikinis and lounging when I'm wearing this polish.

The wear isn't so bad either once I sealed it with a clear top coat. As you can see it's so bright and shiny that I'm probably making you ooohhh and ahhhhh like I did once I had it on!

Putting polish is always a great excuse to play with colors. If you've been hesitant in trying on bold shades, try them first on your nails. It's a great way to take your neauty experimentation to the next level without having to compromise so much.

If you're into bright-colored, summer-inspired nail polish shades, then better grab this one. You'll love the coral shades that seems to fit so well this season. I sure am glad I did! :)

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