Tech Tuesday: Olloclip Photolens

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” ― Karl Lagerfeld

Take it for the master, girl. Don't you just feel lucky living in the world that has all the tools document everything. Albeit some would doubt that we need to take photos of every nooks and crannies of our Magnum Ice Cream or that I don't need to have over 500 photos of my dog, Duke. I don't care.

For a forgetful person like, owning the new iPhone 5 and formerly, iPhone 4 has changed the way I see smartphones. It has enabled me to capture moments that looking back to now has caused me to laugh, shed a joyful tear or two, made my heart skip a beat... and yes, dozens of smile. This one nifty gadget was able to that in a span of seconds swiping photos after photos... although most of them made me realize how vain I truly am.

And to give more way to creating memories, documenting important and mundane things (let's judge which is which after a few years) with my new Olloclip Photolens (php2,950).

Skeptic at first, I researched that this lens was used for a wedding photography shot entirely with an iPhone, at the request of the couple! I say that it was an easy decision to get Olloclip after seeing her photos.

So, I had to try it for myself. Here are some of test shots using the Olloclip

Fisheye lens. I thought I won't love it but I do. :) Though not my favorite lens this will come in handy for my beach shots and nature trippings. :)

Another feature/lens that I enjoyed is the wide angle lens. It's great for taking it tight shots with friends. Helps also when someone else is taking the shots for you. No need to guide him/her as the lens helps a great deal.

But macro has got to be my favorite. It did took me awhile to work it (you need to take photo real upclose) the photos came out really well. Better than I expected. This is the best as taking initial shots of products I receive and buy. you know how we can't wait to Instagram our purchases! :)

Since I'm familiar with how lens work, it made me appreciate Olloclip a lot better. Although it doesn't measure to the ones I own with my DSLR unit, it did take my iphoneography to a whole new level. First, attaching the clip is easy (except that you need to take off your iPhone cover). Second, is that the built and quality of Olloclip is very sturdy and can rough a lot of tough conditions. It comes with a microfiber cloth that doubles as its pouch. And it's easy to tag it along given that its small and light.

The price though is something left to be desired but for those who are serious collector, shelling out Php2,950 is easy-peasy. Especially for photography-enthusiast who want to push the boundaries of their smartphones. 

Can you imagine that phones is a tool for capturing great memories? So why give it an oomph with an Olloclip? Olloclip definitely help in preserving your best shots...

Get them at the following stores, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Mobile 1, Digital Arena, Banana Telecom, E-Central , Fortress, Futureworld, iCenter, Powerhub, SKT Digital, Wow Mobile, PRG, Photoshop, Macys Camersahop, F8 Photo and

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