The Makeup Look: Sweet and Simple with The Body Shop Simmer Waves in Bronze

Jokingly called the pa-innocent look, simple looks has been a fave choice for me lately. Work has not given me a lot of time to work on my makeup artistry skills or to play with colors. But that's alright. At the end of the day, what's important is I still get to play with my makeup... Hmm.. make that beginning of the day since I never leave the house without making sure I have makeup on. :) At the very least, cover my dark circles and do my brows.

Simple and sweet, inspired by the Summer heat, this look takes only about 5 minutes . I love attracting the rays of the sun with shimmery eyeshadows but not so much that people will mistake me for a disco ball. Imagine them surrounding and starts to gyrate. LOL!

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves in Bronze achieves exactly what I want. A slight shimmer in my eyes and depth to define it. With shades nearly satin than shimmer, this palette creates a flawless eye makeup look with the gradation shades it has.

  • Peach as base or wash to prep the eyes for a complete makeup look
  • Beige as base or contour for those with fairer skin tone
  • Bronze that enhances the golden skin tone of most women
  • Deep Brown as contour for the crease or to achieve a smokier effect
  • Gold as highlighter for brows and the inner corner of your eyes

What's great is that this acts as a bronzer and highlighter, too. By simply swirling your blush or contouring brush to blend the and mix the colors together. Two-in-One product, I'd say this is a must have for the frugal lady in all of us.

I used to get the Shimmer Waves in Peach but since appreciating the art of contour and how bronzing enhances my skin tone a lot more (since kakapayat ang effect niya), I decided to pick this one instead. End result, a well-defined eyes and shape with just one palette.

To achieve a mush softer look, I surprised myself by picking a pencil eyeliner to accentuate the rim of my eyes. Yes, it has been a while since i last used a pencil liner. As you all know I'm a gel or liquid liner girl. But since the occassion calls for it, I grabbed Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Pencil Liner Eye Pencil in Mahogany (rich deep brown black shade) to create a defined yet smoky lined eyes to match this look. Add to the the natural volume and curl that Artdeco All in One Mascara gave to my lashes.

To add color to my cheeks are mix of the BYS Blush Duo in Paint it Pink. It's highly pigmented and lasts quite awhile on the cheeks. Another two-in-one product to have.

Making sure that my brows are as compliment my eyes, I owe that to both K Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Pen in 01 and Majolica Majorca Brow and Lash Colorist (their lightest shade or BR333) These two makes for a Hollywood worthy brows. Move over, Greta... Ako na ang star!

To seal the deal, I used MAC Mineralized Rich Lipstick in Smart and Sweet, a warm peach pink lustrous shadeon top of peach mauve MAC Lip Pencil called Dervish. MAC never fails me when it comes to their lipcolors.

The result is this dainty sweet innocent makeup look that I think anyone can easily pull off. When I say, if I can do it.. you can do it. Better even!

taken with the new iPhone 5 photo

Turn this Sweet and Simple Look into a Vavavoom moment with a curly hair. 
Simply Section your hair in to 4 parts (horizontally)
Start sectioning your hair one by one and curl away.
And boom! You've got waves and bouncy curls worthy of Victoria Secret Fashion Show!

And like my girl Lily (in hit comedy sitcom, Whitney) said. "When in need, show your cleave!"
Nah! Just kidding! I just had a major wardrobe malfunction here! LOL!

And we go back to the pa-innocente effect. :)

Do you have your won sweet and simple makeup look? What do think of this one? I'd love to know your thoughts. Share them with me by commenting below. :)

It's Friday and payday weekend.. i feel this is going to be a good weekend. :)

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  1. what is it about bloggers lahat kayo magaganda kilay? love your kilay!!!! i just bought my first eyebrow kit from elf hehehe practice mode


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