Best False Lashes | 3S Pre-Glued False Lashes from Beea

Self-adhesive false lashes are heaven-sent, do you agree? Especially the 3S Lashes from Beauty and Minerals. It's ultimately my most favorite false lashes. It's the easiest to use but will totally change how you look in an instant. It took awhile for me to whip this out and use it since I've never really 

Here's a comparison of my right eye with 3S Pre-glued lashes and my left eye without it. Big difference, right? :)

Glamour has got to be my most favorite! Sophie really knows me well when she suggested that I get these lashes. It fans out in a way that makes my eyes look longer and bigger.

See how straight and aligned it is? And no messy glue to boot!

Definitely deserving of the name Glamorous, my lashes looks every bit worthy of a glamour shot. :)

Unfortunately, 3S Lashes are currently out of stock at Beauty and Minerals. Hopefully, Sophie stocks on these babies soon! And when she does, I'm so gunna fight you for these!

BTW, Beauty and Minerals is currently on SALE right now! 

Better get those coveted brushes now! :)

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  1. I love it! Natural look, but it pops!

  2. Sheela Richen Daminar8/2/13 3:38 PM

    Aaah. I'm totally in love with it! It really goes with your natural lashes.

  3. Lanie Pregoner8/2/13 6:58 PM

    I like that it looks natural and it has fine lashes.

  4. Maggie Pineda Manuel10/2/13 9:54 PM

    Nice eyes... Doesnt even look its fake... It makes eyes more expressive and tantalizing... :) good product indeed... :)


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