My Sephora Haul + @enjoyGlobe #GcashAmex Giveaway Winners

It's true! The only tough thing about buying from Sephora now is choosing what to buy! Other than that, everything is a breeze, thanks to Globe Gcash American Express Virtual Card! All you need is a little patience. After all, your goodies are crossing continents for you! But really, this is one of the easiest purchase ever!

Let me show you my timeline. I took down dates and compared it to when I use to ask my aunt to buy stuff for and send it through a courier service that ships here in the Philippines and boy am I glad I don't have to bother them anymore.
To answer a popular question, My Shopping Box delivered my package at home! I didn't have to pick it up! I wasn't home when the package arrived. I just came home and there it was! A big Sephora box waiting for me!

And for those of you wondering, I paid about Php1,300.00++ for the package. It was automatically debited from my GCASH once I clicked the authorised shipment (did this November 27, 2012). I can't believe how fast My Shopping Box was at moving my shipment along once it reached them. I just hope that they keep up the good work because I plan on buying an iPad Mini next year. :)

If you don't have money on your Gcash wallet, MSB keeps your package for free for about 5 days. After that, a minimal charge will be given for every day you keep your package  with them.

A lot of my friends wondered how come MSB charged me double the weight of my actual Sephora purchase. I plan on emailing MSB about this and if they provide an explanation for this. But honestly, I wasn't that bothered with it. Since I used to pay for the same amount and much more from my former courier and the box were much smaller!

But my friends' concern were valid since we plan on doing a group purchase and we want to know how we can divide the shipping cost.

Overall, it was a great experience. I didn't ran into any problems. Everything is just with a click of a button. Globe Gcash really has outdone itself with the new GCash  American Express Virtual Card. As long as we save money, we can splurge! On almost anything!

If you have other questions, let me know via comment box below. Will answer them right away.

Of course, for the much awaited part! The giveaway! I hope you were as patient as I was!! :)

Winners must contact me via e-mail (shensaddiction(at)gmail(dot)com) within 30 days from date of this post. Failure to contact me and collect the prize within 30 days means forfeiture of prizes and Globe will again draw winners. Winners must pick up prize at Bonifacio Global City, lunch time or after office hours.

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  1. Hi Shen! The shipping fee is either based on the actual weight or the dimensions of the box, whichever is higher. Check out this link for more details on how the dimensions are calculated:

    My Sephora haul came in a few days ago too and I'm just waiting for the Gcash peeps to pick the winners. Yay!

  2. Katie Kate Mendoza16/12/12 10:11 AM

    I'm soooo happy. :) Thank you so much for this giveaway, Ms. Shen and Globe. This is an early Christmas gift for me. By the way, I already send you an email. .^_^.


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