Learning the Basics of Hair Cutting at Bench Fix Salon with Alex Carbonell

Early this year, I was invited to I think one of the most significant experience in my entire beauty blogging endeavor. I learned how to cut hair.... from the master himself Alex Carbonell, the hair stylist extraordinaire and the creative director of Bench Fix Salon.

Bench Fix for years is a cult favorite for many folks and that's usually who can't afford to pay a grand for a haircut and wants bang for their hand-earned bucks. Bench Fix was a solution for many who wants great hair style at reasonable cost. I, myself, have always been a fan of this salon for years.

Learning how to cut hair was never in my bucket list. I know my limitation and I know that I can never get the hang of it. I have incredible respect for haircutters and after this experience, it doubled!! Was I glad that I  was never haughty or snobbish or know-it-all with ALL my hairstylist!! I've always been respectful, courteous and friendly to all of them. I consider hair cutters as chefs who has your life in their hands. Piss them off and they can kill you and by that I mean, ruin your hair.

While Alex Carbonell started teaching us the basics, how to section and start to cut... I was all nerves. It didn't help that my model that day was maarte. I mean, I though she knew what she came in for but she made the experience a lot harder by being difficult. Then again, I took it all in and just did my best. In the end, I did just enough to pass. I was very thankful for my mentor who cheered me on and aided me along the way.

No matter how cheap or expensive a hair cut is, I learned that it takes a lot of thinking, effort and creativity. It's not just something one can learn in a jiff. You need passion and love for the craft. I was lucky enough to experience it. I raise my glass to all hair cutters/stylists out there! Your work is not easy at all and I'm glad that I've met so many who are not only passionate but extremely great at their craft!

Cheers to hair cutters all over!!

Want to see photos of my hair cutting experience? click after the jump!

What's the latest thing you've learned lately? :)

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  1. awww i like that sinabi mo maarte model m khit nasa pic un face. ia hahahah! just goes to show dat ur transparent. ok nmn haircut nia. ako s mommy ko pang nagpapgupit coz i hate going to salons because i dont want the bekis there who will upsell services to me while making fun of my curly hair huhuhu


  2. angelamhiere16/12/12 10:11 AM

    Nice! I am actually a bit scared of cutting other people's hair, that's why when my helper asked me to cut her daughter's hair (I trimmed her other daughter's fringe before), I told her, nah... I am not skilled at doing so. I don't want to ruin other people's lives, este, hair... hehehe...

    Hmmm.... I'm learning things on my own but I would like to enrol in various classes. I am always thirsty for knowledge! =D


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