Thursday, November 22, 2012

Majolica Majorca's Cream de Cheek | A Glimpse (Mini Review, Swatches and Photos)

I just love the holidays! Makeup collection becomes a lot more festive and just exactly that is the 35th Chapter of Majolica Majorca, Circus Ecstasy! Unlike other Holiday collection,I love how MJ keeps their personality while still keeping everything wearable.

Case in point, 4 fabulous shades of Cream de Cheek. I currently have 3 of them, courtesy of Majolica Majorca Philippines. It's a liquid to powder finish cheek (and quite possibly lip) tiny. It comes in these fancy almost like potion glass bottles. The colors are extremely pigmented but surprisingly easy to blend. Like most of their products, a little goes a long way. You'll see in my swatches below. :)

Meet my new darlings, inspired by the gypsy life and their ever so natural flush while performing, Cream de Cheek is surely your next favorite item in your vanity kit... at least mine is. :)

Shell Pink Cream (PK312) - for those who loves pink blushes.

Kiichigo Cream (RD411) - for those with morena golden skintone.

Coral Cream (RD310) - fabulous on almost all skintone

For Php 495 each, I think this will definitely make a great gift for yourself or for anyone you know who loves anything cutesy fancy and of course, cosmetics. 

Here are the finishes. It looks quiote strong on my wrist. My suggestion, just dot these instead of swiping the brush on to your cheek to avoid streaking or overapplying.

To be honest, I'm not a lip tint person. I prefer powder blushes like the Puff de Cheek but since I've never encountered on that turns matte has a powder finish, I'm glad I didn't complete shut this out. I've yet to try all these on my cheek, I'll definitely provide you with a makeup look soon! :)

They've got more like the liner body tattoo and cracked nail polish as well as a new scent. :) But you know me I concentrate more on the 

Is Cream de Cheek something you'd be picking up this season? Let me know! :)
Oh! And what's your fave? I'm liking Coral. :)

Find out more about Majolica Majorca by visiting their Facebook Page! :)

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donnarence said...

They look so nice! I will be grabbing coral before christmas! Thanks for this Shen!

lisanero said...

love them!

Ari said...

I've suddenly become obsessed with cheek tints or cheek-lip tint combos! I don't have an orange-y shade yet so I'll definitely try the coral one. ~

tsureishi said...

whaaaa I've been looking forward to your post haha! I love love loveeeee Majolica majorca!!

Shari said...

Yay another Majolica Majorca product! Definitely have to try these cheek creams - looks intriguing!

The Misty Mom

angelamhiere said...

gorgeous shades!!! i've never tried anything from majomajo yet, although I have an unopened dress glove in my stash... =D

Shari said...

I love majolica majorca products :) Will have to try this!

The Misty Mom

eKai said...

wow lovely colors!

Joy Mari-Abrencillo said...

Those look lovely! And quite affordable too :)

Gellie Anne Abogado said...

gorgeous colors! :)

Sabrina Tajudin said...

i thought its is a nail polish! hehe...

Gen-zel D. Habab said...

Wow! How much is this Ms. Shen? I love tints! :)

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