We are all Pretty... Powerful, too! | Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Book Launch

When I was introduced to the Bobbi Brown Makeup Philosophy, it was love at first sight. A lot of people are surprised whenever I tell them that Bobbi Brown is my favorite makeup artist and her philosophy is what I can relate to the most. Me with my colorful eye makeup and overcontoured cheeks.

But if you read her books (any book), you'll understand why she's become an icon for me. Bobbi sees cosmetics as a way of empowerment. Putting face is not about masking who you are but enhancing your belief in yourself. To be more confident.

Even without makeup, I am confident and I have total belief in my capabilities. But when I learned how to use cosmetics and learned how it can make me look polished, there's a spark in me that lighted up and I felt more powerful, even more confident.

As much as I understand that going au naturelle is still the best way to be yourself... your eyebags, pimples, sullen face (due to weather or stress) doesn't really equate the confidence you feel inside. You can't help it that you had to put an all nighter on a presentation that resulted in your eyes wanting to fall of its sockets. Our body reacts to many aggressors.... that doesn't mean you're not beautiful.. you just know you're not you.

Makeup for me is a a dose of vitamins, a little helper. I want my boss to be impressed with my presentation and that won't show if he sees the obvious dark undereyes and sullenness of my face while I present to him my proposal.

I refuse to go out bare face with pimples and all for an important event because I was raised to be well-groomed and put together. I need to look my best same as every woman who will be there who took their time to look presentable. It's just the polite thing to do.

But looking out best naturally takes time. I can't afford an 8 hour sleep, and I can't blame my parents for my adult acne gene. And though I try to eat healthier, I sometimes settle for fastfood just so I can relive the my hunger after an 8 hour shift at work.

That's where makeup come into play in making me look more myself, the better version rather than the overachieve stressed one. I am pretty (in my own little way).. I just want to achieve a pretty powerful look.

At a recent event I attended, Kai Vinson, Director of Artistry and Education, came over to launch Bobbi Brown's 7th book, Pretty Powerful, as well as introduce to us the Caviar and Oyster and Holiday 2012 Collection to Filipina Women. 

Pretty Powerful is compilation of empowering stories of women that Bobbi admires. In this book she shares their journey and creates a look that turns them from pretty to pretty powerful. It's an book that inspired confidence and Bobbi hopes that we all find lasting beauty in just being ourselves, only pretty powerful.

Holiday is also right around the corner and Bobbi wants us to look our best. She sent over Kai, her best makeup artist come Director for Artistry and Education for Bobbi Brown, to show us look from day to night as well as creating smokey look with just a few simple tricks.

Bobbi Brown creates looks that is not overwhelming or too radical. She likes the artistry in the trends and yet still translate it to a wearable one fit for many female lifestyles. That's the reason why she stays on top of every woman's mind when it comes to cosmetics. Her collections are relatable but still a little bit out of the box.

Take for example the Caviar and Oyster Collection, it's got the glitz that you need for the Holiday Season but still most of the products here can be used even if the season is over. :)

Bobbi's new Holiday collection definitely makes a great gift for your pretty powerful mom, sister, aunt and friend. :)

Finally, a picture with Kai Vinson! :)

a few snaps I took at the event... please take a look. :)

Now, if you'll excuse me... :) I need to read Bobbi Brown's Pretty Powerful book. :) I've been waiting weeks for this already! Can't believe it's here! :)

Don't forget to buy your own copy of the Pretty Powerful book at your favorite Bobbi Brown Counters. :)

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