20 Years of Winning Against Breast Cancer | Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Can you imagine what handing out pink ribbons can do?

It gives awareness to Breast Cancer. A simple gesture that made a difference in every women's life. Breast Cancer for many years have claimed many lives of women and nothing was being done. Thanks  to tremendous efforts of Evelyn Lauder, she has brought us from the shadows and given us weapons against this deadly disease.

As I was watching the video montage of the milestones of Estee Lauder's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, I didn't realize what an impact they've made in giving voices to women who have had breast cancer. Campaigns for early detection, research and life interventions as well as donating millions of dollars have been made by this world class beauty brand. It's amazing what one woman can do to change the world. And what changes it makes when everyone works hand in hand.

There's one thing Evelyn Lauder said that made a mark on me and it's if you can do something about anything, it's a sin not to do it. You sin if you remain silent. As bloggers, I believe we have the opportunity for our voices to be heard. To make a small difference.

Last week, I watched as Estee Lauder Philippines light up one of Manila's landmark, Ayala Museum. It warms my heart that my country is now part of this phenomenal campaign, that we are making our efforts to raise awareness for this disease. Growing up in a country where most things are taboo, I can't imagine how many women suffered breast cancer and had no one to talk to. Now we have several support groups, charitable causes devoted to helping margelinalized women to get treatments and that many associations provide free breast examination. It is not impossible without your help, our help.

As simple as writing a blog about this campaign can encourage someone to visit her doctor and have a breast exam. I hope it works! :)

When was the last time you had your breast examined? Help us win the fight against breast cancer, arm yourself with knowledge! :)

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