Visit at the New Creations Salon + My New Look

Creations Salon opens its second branch at the 2nd floor of Cedar Park Building, Pasay Road this week and I just had to go and take a peek!

And of course, taking a look is not enough. I was at my most favorite salon! I had to get something done, of course. Lourd of course was there to welcome everybody and he obliged me with a completely new look!! Yes, when you remain loyal to a hairstylist... he rewards you big time!

Ewww... the Halimaw sa Banga long hair!

Oooohhh.... my hair is getting ready for a new look!

That's Edwin, a new addition to the Creations family. He's from LA and he did works for Filipino celebrities there. Sosyal noh?

Wow... lovely colors!!

Time to rinse out that the bleach!!

And now for the colors!

Woot!! I got pink and blue streaks!! Peg? Pink and Katy of course! But still, it's sooo Shen!

The before and after shot!

I love that my hair is a lot edgier. :)

Tin threw in a free hair cut to lessen the heaviness of my hair. She took off a lot of what was weighing me down! My hair is so thick and I hated how heavy it got. Now, my hair feel lighter and easier to manage!

I just got to have a photo with The Lourd Ramos. He's such a great person, a friend and of course, someone who takes real good care of my hair.

Creations 2 has zen vibe and it has a homey feel. It houses a lot of Davines products. They have a VIP section. It has it's own rinsing area and totally private for those premium clients... That's you if you want it!

The rest of us though wanted to chat so we stayed at the middle area and munch on crumpet and pasta from Biza while the Creations people made us feel equally important.

There's a separate area for footspa which is convenient and apt for those who just want to get their nails done!

Makeup station looks adorbs. Look the white light and the mirrors!

Uber chic rinsing chairs... I love it!!

Edwin and Lourd!

Tara in her new Mad Men look!

Lourd with the fabulous people from Davines!

Drool worthy products from Davines

The master, Lourd Ramos.

I am so into Creations. They have the best service, the best crew and of course a fun but down to earth Lourd! :)

Thanks for always making me feel and look beautiful!

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  1. I love that photo of you with Lourd! Napaka virginal ng look :D hah!

    The colors hardly show up on pics, noh? but i think the concept is great, coupling pink and blue :)

  2. CharryReyes1/4/12 4:02 PM

    Pretty! I love your hair and your outfit too! ;)

  3. wow, i love your hair....and the salon and the people their look very friendly...i would love to visit it one day.

  4. must try having my hair done at this salon! :) loving your new hair!

    Xoxo,The Pink Margarita

  5. I love Creations! Eer since they dropped by our office and gave a quick orientation on skin and hair care, I fell in love with their brand.  I am so conscious about my hair,  If I can get my hair an insurance plan, I would! That's how particualr I am about my hair, which is why everytime I get myself a hair cut, whether a trim or a make over, I pay attention to every single detail that my stylist does. I am jittery, nervous nad never relaxed in my chair, but Creations gave me a whole new experience, thanksto my stylist Romeo who never fails to give me a great cut! It's a must try, the ONLY salon that I trust!

  6. You always look effortlessly chic. :)


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