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Snoe Beauty S Skin Vitamin E SPF 30

BB Creams are slowly piling up in my vanity. For someone who stay away from them, I notice I have accumulated quite a few. 

One of those is the S Skin BB Vitamin E with SPF 30, what I now dub as the Pinay BB Cream. At first swatching, I thought I wouldn't like this BB Cream at all. It's too moisturizing and it seemed as if the shade wasn't a good match on my skin. It's bit pinkish too and I thought I would look tan in pictures.

Like most BB creams go, it is moisturizing and leaves a certain sheen on the skin when applied. It is like any regular tinted moisturizer but more benefits Not something an oily skin like me would be too keen to try. But try I did. I wanted to give this product a chance since for Php249.00 for a 40ml tube, it's nice to have an alternative to expensive BB Creams.

I might be the last person to know anything about BB Cream. My friend Kikay Trekkie has got BB's down to a T. But skincare and makeup in one is something that I'm quite very familiar with.

I've been using this product on and off for about 3 weeks now, I think it's a now a good time for me to review this since I've ran it through a good amount of testing.

S Skin BB Vitamin E with SPF 30 | Swatch
S Skin BB Vitamin E with SPF 30 | Swatch
  • It's not as dark as I thought would it be. On my hand and wrist, Shade 3 seem to be dark but on my skin, it seemed to matched. (I'm going to get my hands on Shade 2 soon to compare it.)
  • It's really moisturizing and gives my skin a certain sheen.
  • It's got a good coverage given that I have a few blemishes to cover.I don't  use concealer, FYI.
  • It's has a powdery scent - this I really like.
As a makeup, S Skin BB Vitamin E with SPF 30 makes good light foundation for dry to normal skin. If you are combination to oily, you need to set this with a matte powder. This BB gives a nice glow and dewy look to the skin.

As a skincare, this makes a great alternative for your regular sunblock with the SPF 30. It's a great moisturizer for those with severe dry skin to normal skin.

Although I am not much of fan of BB Cream, I consider this as a good alternative to regular foundation for everyday use. I would rather risk oiling up a few hours and then just retouch than to always use liquid foundation everyday.

If you're looking to try a BB Cream that is affordable and gives good coverage, this is it. But don't rely on this for lasting power as it takes only an hour or two for oilies to show up and for makeup to fade if not set properly with powder foundation.

What to love...
  • Homegrown. This product is made in the Philippines by Filipinas for Filipinas. :)
  • It's affordable (Php249/40ml)
  • Provides good coverage.
  • Smells nice.
  • Moisturizing through Vitamin E (ideal for dry to normal skin)
  • Has a sun protection (SPF 30)

What's not to...
  • Staying power is not so good if you're oily or sweaty.
  • Needs to be re-applied as oilies creep up after an hour or two (this depends on how severe your oiliness is)

I highly recommend this to those with severely dry to normal skin and those with minimal blemishes to cover. This is also great for those who wants to achieve a dewy look.

No makeup | With S Skin BB Vitamin E with SPF 30 (shade 3)

First photo, I got no makeup on. Second photo, face is applied with the S Skin BB Vitamin E with SPF 30 (Shade 3). I skip using concealer altogether when I use BB Creams. As you can see most of my blemishes have disappeared with the S Skin BB alone. Below you'll see a full-on makeup where I set the bb cream with powder and have applied eye makeup, blush and lipstick. :)
S Skin BB Vitamin E with SPF 30 used a makeup foundation and base

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  1. I love BB creams! When I went through a skin turmoil last year, I turned to BB cream and I love how it performed. Primarily, it hides the blemishes and pimples on my face, having been used to clear skin you can only imagine how I panic every time I see a new pimple sprouting in my skin. Aside from that I love the multi-tasking part of the product, aside from hiding imperfections, I also get moisturizer and SPF (the one  I use has SPF20) and for someone who's always in a hurry, it really saves me time to just put on one product that will cover three tasks. Snoe's BB cream looks interesting, the scent is the most intriguing part for me because I have yet to encounter a BB cream that smells good. Will definitely check it out. :)

  2. I've been reading a lot about snoe beauty products, I do hope it will be available here in Cebu too.

  3. Budget friendly.. you've got 40ml for Php249 that was a steal.. tapos made in philippines pa.. how great ^_^

  4.  you want me to help you out? ^_^ i have spotted Snoe Booth in festival mall near my area ^_^

  5. Issachavez7/3/12 3:07 PM

    This BB cream looks promising!  nice coverage!

  6. Interesting BB Cream. I'm actually thinking about buying this one; but I would want to read a review first. Thanks for this Shen. I'm now itching to try this one out :)

  7. It's been awhile since I saw a photo of you without makeup. You look good without makeup too. This BB cream is interesting, currently I use a tinted moisturizer with SPF.

    Would you know if they have testers on their stores?

  8. Interesting find you got there - and mega cheap, to boot! While I'm always at Trinoma, I have yet to scour through Landmark's cosmetics section for this BB Cream. Seems that I've been passing around Snoe all this time, just oblivious to its brand name and fabulous sounding products (or maybe it's because I always get sidetracked at Maybelline). Thanks for the review and link! :)

  9. Hi Shen! Thanks for the info. I just learned that there's a BB Cream for Pinays. Most beauty bloggers that I know of still use Korean BB Creams w/c I personally believe doesn't fit our skin. And yes, it's way too affordable. 

  10. Ruth Santiago16/3/12 11:07 AM

    i love that it's Philippine made! :)


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