Majolica Majorca | Blood On Lip and Cheek Tint (limited edition)

Like everyone else, I anticipated the release of the latest Majolica Majorca, the edgy little sister of Shiseido. One thing that I appreciate about MJ is that whenever it comes out with a collection, it doesn't overwhelm me with too much products. You can definitely concentrate and see the beauty of a product when it's not overloaded.

With MJ, everyone can afford to complete the collection! Even if just half of it, there's really no sorry factor in it. At least, there wasn't for me.

So let me make your life easier by reviewing another Majolica Majorca Limited Edition product and see if it's worth giving up a few cups of frappuccino from Starbucks!

Majolica Majorca Blood-On Cheek and Lip Tint

Yes, I was scared that the pot was too blood-on red. Like it would be too hard to blend. But thankfully, it wasn't. Another thing I was scared of, was that it was too sticky or too balm-y that it would create such a sheen on my face... eh, I'm oily!

Still, I had to try it. Sayang eh. I already have it...

Texture-wise, it was like a regular balm or a cream blush It's smooth and easy to spread.
Great news, it's not as blood red when I swatched it. It was actually pinkish on my wrist! It was a tinted lip balm that is easy to spread and easy to control.

No, it wasn't scary at all. I tried it on my cheeks and it does have that glowy or dewy look on my cheeks. At first I wasn't too keen on seeing a sort of shine. I am a matte girl and I like my face matte as long as I can have them (oilies easily creep up even with the most matte product I own, demmit) but I got used to it eventually. So I just let it be and see if I can take it.

A few days later it was all I could think when I go work with no makeup on except for powder and this Majolica Majorca Blood On Lip and Cheek Tint. I noticed how easy it was too apply that I don't need to use up too much time on makeup to get colors on my cheeks.

Majolica Majorca Blood-On Cheek and Lip Tint

Majolica Majorca Blood-On Cheek and Lip Tint | Swatch

See how it looks balm-y? But what I like is that it didn't appear that way on my cheeks. It blended well with my liquid foundation or foundation powder to give me that flushed look. It really is just going to give your that tinted blush look. Great for those who just want a bit of color on their lip and cheeks.

This product is also buildable. It may be a bit  soft on the first layer but if you layer this on properly, you'll get a good pigmentation that you might want. As for me a layer or two is enough for an everyday makeup look.

Check out the photos below. I used the Majolica Majorca Blood-On Cheek and Lip Tint.

I recommend anyone to get this if they just want a simple product that is encased in a beautiful packaging and have that dual-purpose. For someone who's really skeptic about this product, I never thought that I'd be bringing this to work everyday just so i don't have to look pale.

Are you in to lip and cheek tint? Have you tried Majolica Majorca Blood-on Lip and Cheek tint? :)

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  1. Issachavez1/3/12 10:23 AM

    I am into lip and cheek tint and my favorite is the one from Body Shop!  This one from Majolica Majorca looks really nice!  I love the color on your lips and cheeks! :)  Products like these saves so much time in the morning :)  Does this have a good staying power?

  2. The name itself sounds kinda creepy lols Glad it didn't turn out so strong on skin!

  3. ~ yes, i've been a fan of lip n cheek tints ever since Body Shop came out with it... but sometimes, since its liquid, its really hard to take off the dot marks if you dont spread it agad. haha!
    really cool product, how much does this cost? :D

  4. i want to try that cheek tint. :D i was actually wondering kung pano i pronounce ung name ng product! haha XD

  5. I love the glow it gave your cheeks. I'm so eager into trying out the Lash king and now this... Awesome product :)

  6. secretsofmaruja1/3/12 11:43 PM

    I have the Blood-on and i really like it. I use it as my lip tint though. I'm still loyal on Tony Moly's Milky  Tint as my cheek tint. :)

  7. Interesting! Will check this out later ;) 

  8. Ruth santiago4/3/12 10:05 AM

    hi shen! the shade looks good on you! you kinda reminded me of rona from pbb teen edition. 
     just sharing my thought :)


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