Laced Up and Laid Back

I got a new necklace and I'm excited to show them to you! So excited that I skipped makeup all together! Lol!

Geraonline is making some of the most quaint accessories I've seen. It's elegant but chic and still very much wearable.I just love everything they have there. They even have those collar lace necklaces that are so popular these days. They mesh lace, chains and bead work together and transform them into classic pieces.

One thing to love about lace accessories is that they add femininity to an outfit. Take for example what I'm here.

Forever 21 shirt
Tiangge Pants
So! Fab Beige Wedges
Pearl Earrings
Gera Online Martini Necklace

I partnered the GeraOnline Martini Lace necklace with a few understated laid back pieces that makes me feel comfortable for a whole day of work. I also laid low on piling on accessories as I want the focus on the necklace. Even without makeup, this necklace makes me feel elegant. It's a great focal point that had people complimenting not only the necklace but the way I styled it.

Gera Online Martini Necklace

Just look at that amazing work of art. I've always wanted something like this! Now, who says a plump lady like can't play around with accessories? :)

Best above all about this accessories is that it's easily available and Pinay-made!!

You can find more of these accessories at GeraOnline.Multiply.Com.

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  1. love your look here!

  2. Dianne Palabay22/3/12 8:21 AM

    Love that necklace! But I'm thinking of doing something like that on my own. I'm such a kuripot. Mehehehe~ But nonetheless, I love love love that lace! And your look too ;)

  3. Chynna Carlos22/3/12 9:51 AM

    It's sooo pretty and unique! Checking out their store now.  Btw, love your outfit.

  4. shen! ang glowy mo kaya without make up!:))

  5. Super bagay sa simple top making you look super classy talaga :) EVEN without makeup!

  6. it makes a simple top look classy and elegant. nice touch Shen! :)

  7. I love your entire outfit here :)  Especially the pants.

    Visited the website pero they don't have lace collars in this color na.  Sayang.

  8. lalita_zilli22/3/12 11:50 PM

    Wow I love the entire outfit :)

  9. Ruth Santiago23/3/12 12:18 AM

    indeed elegant & chic! :)

  10. Issachavez23/3/12 5:26 PM

    I love how you put these pieces together!  Nice outfit Miss Shen!


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