Verdant Makeup Look with Venus and Mars Minerals

Jamie and Justin, the girls behind the online sensation, Venus and Mars Naturals, revamped their mineral makeup line, Pureglow Minerals, and merged it with their popular emu oil- base skin care line. I think it's a great idea! All natural products housed under one name. :)

I've frequently used their mineral makeup ever since I've had them a year or two ago. I love their blushes as it fits my skintone perfectly and they really last long on my oily cheeks. So when they gave me a sample set to try out more of their line, I was so eager to try them. I even made a short Youtube video just to show you how mineral makeup transform my ho-hum look to a simple yet striking everyday makeup look.

Check out the video:

Green eye shadows as I've said before and as pointed out my many Asian beauty gurus compliments Asian skin tone. It may be a bit risky to wear such a bold color for everyday look, but until you try it you'll never know. This look, for example, that I created using the V&M minerals. It looked a bit off when I seeing it in front of the mirror because I rarely go out with eye shadow this bold and bright but it works! I love how vibrant it made my eyes but still a bit understated when I open them. It adds that little oomph to an otherwise simple look.

Here are the Venus & Mars Mineral products that I used for this look.

  • Mineral Primer with Rose Powder and Red Clay (Rose have a way of calming the skin while Red Clay is beneficial for troubled skin)
  • Face Me Mineral Foundation in Mocha Creme (its a bit too light for me but I'm acidic so this changes in hue in hour or two after application)
  • Shades of Hue Rosiest Rush Mineral Blush (my ultimate favorite blush from their line!)
  • Illuminator Cognito Mineral Concealer (its a green powder that reduces redness)
  • Subtle Sexiness Elusive Finishing Powder (I use this more of a highlight as it has satin finish)
  • Represet Mania Mineral Eye Shadow (an intense shimmery green eyeshadow)
  • Lip Butter Tints in Pink Posies (pigmentation is very impressive that its almost like a lipstick)
Detailed Reviews and Features on the products to follow. :)

I wanted the look to be as understated as possible so I just used one eyeshadow for the to avoid drama and smoke around my eyes. I just really want that pop of color.

When using dark shimmery eyeshadows that are as pigmented as Represet Mineral Eyeshadow from Venus and Mars, you get away not applying eyeliner. Dark shadows have a way of accentuating the eyes like eyeliners do. But for this look, I wanted to define my eyes more and veer it away from my eye bags. So I lined and loaded on mascara to make my eyes wider, pronounce the whiteness of the eyeballs and define it better.

I also didn't want it to be top heavy so I lined my lower lashline and run the eyeshadow along it. It's still simple but just a little more defined.

When doing bright eyeshadow, never miss shading and defining your brows. This pulls the look together and balance out the boldness of the eyes. Don't know what your brow shade is? Rule of thumb is if your hair is dark, choose two shades lighter than your hair. Simple right?

I hope this encourages those of you who just have one eyeshadow at home and wanted to try out makeup for the first time.

I was so impressed withe Venus & Mars Lip Butter Tints in Pink Posies. It could pass as a complimenting pink lipstick with how pigmented it is. If you're looking to add more color to your lips but won't succumb to the dryness of a regular lipstick, this is a great product to try out.

Downside for me though is that I'm not thrilled with the scent of emu oil wafting from the Lip Tints. This isn't something you'd want to wear when you are smooching with the BF since pure and quality emu oil has a tendency to have a strong unsavory scent. At least for me, it does. But if you don't consider this as a con, then I suggest getting more shades of the Lip Butter Tints. It's way more affordable than lipstick with hyper color to boost.

Mineral makeup plays a special role in my addiction to cosmetics. I'm glad that more and more quality mineral makeup are available here in the Philippines. Before, many of us, had to purchase them online, risk our money and had to wait weeks and sometimes even months just so we can try them out now. Lucky you if you didn't go through all this process! Now you can just have to wait for days or just simply visit them at thier shops or bazaars!

Venus and Mars Naturals have been actively participating in bazaars and recently opened a showroom to cater for thosw ho want to try and test products first before purchasing. Visit them at their scheduled bazaars or schedule a visit at their studio. Or the more convenient thing is order via their website or facebook page and just wait 2 to 3 days for shipping. It's just way more convenient nowadays.

Makeup is really an expression, a simple art that many of us can do. No matter what tools you use or products you apply, always remember that you don't have to take it too seriously. Cosmetics should be fun! What more with mineral makeup that is safe and healthy for the skin?

Good luck and God bless!

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  1. You look so beautiful, that lip color is very flattering.  Sorry about the bad emu smell/taste though, the green eyeshadow looks lovely on you.

  2. xoxoMrsMartinez12/1/12 12:57 PM

    Ibang klase pink kung pink ang lipsticks! Love it!

  3. Stunning eyes!

  4. who would have thought that green would be fit for an everyday makeup look. would definitely want to try this look and thanks for the tip about the brows; though i'm quite confused with my color since my hair is like a combination of orange, red and black. haha! crazy me for trying out different colors on my hair. your lip color is so pretty as well though i dunno if i'd like or not like the scent. will have to try it to know, right?

    thanks for sharing this makeup look shen. definitely worth trying out and as well as the brand you used. :)

  5. i like what you did with your eyes. really made your eyes look more attractive, bravo!

  6. Ok din pala ang color combination ng pink lipstick & green eyes

  7. i love your brows,Ms.Shen! i have problems finding my brow shade. can you share to us what you use on yours?


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