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This whole trip to Boracay was sort of in between planned and spontaneous. We had such a horrible time at Bohol's Lost Horizon Resort last summer that my friends and I decided a do-over on our vacay for 2011. So as soon as there was an affordable flight available (love you, Cebu Pacific), we went ahead and booked. But as months went along and responsibilities and worked piled on... R and I decided to forego the trip...

Three weeks before the scheduled date, R and I suddenly have that need to get away from the stress of Manila. And since didn't save up for accommodation, we decided to ghetto it up and just find a hotel for less than Php2,000.

I didn't realize there were so many cheap hotels and B&B's all over Boracay! But nothing really stood out. Except when Kai (law school sister) and Angela (fellow blogger) recommended Island Nook.

The place is very minimalist and looks incredibly utilitarian in the photos. Not to mention that inquiring was easy. For about 1,900 per night, R and I decided to book our stay at this hotel. It's within our budget, walking distance to beach and stone's throw away from D'mall... for Php1,900 a night, it looks to be that Island Nook is great deal.

And now that I'm here, let me share with you a few shots I took of Island Nook.

Island Nook Hotel and Island Kebab located near the Main Hi-way at Station 2

Walking distance from BPI and the D'mall

IIsland Nook Exterior

Island Nook Front Desk

Island Nook Receiving Area

Stairs to second floor rooms

To your right, Single Standard and Single Deluxe

To your Left, Double Deluxe Rooms

Double Standard and Family Rooms

Island Kebab, the hotel's restaurant 

Island Nook is a very laid back quaint place. Something I think fits couples, families and friends minimal budget. If you have no concern for a beach front view, intricate interiors, and wide array of menu for dining, then this surely a nice place for you.

I've had a chance to stay at the Boracay's famous resorts like Boracay Regency, Two Seasons and La Reserve. But the Island is not always about the place you stay in. For a sort of impromptu vacation, I'm quite pleased with Island Nook. The people are accomodating, answering all my inquiries and let me stay here at their restaurant for hours (we arrived hours early from check-in) and make use of their wi-fi.

So far, I'm liking the following things:
  • Easy to locate!
  • Being situated near the hi-way makes it easy for me to do activities like ATV, etc.
  • Unlimited use of wi-fi at Island Kebab.
  • Friendly staff.
  • Decent breakfast meals.
  • No corkage fee should we decide to drink here later on tonight.
  • Although the restaurant is at the middle of the hotel, it temp humid or hot inside.
  • Bookings come with free breakfast.
  • There are towels in the room.
  • Affordable laundry service rate (Php35 per kilo)
  • Offer activities at an affordable rate as well (ATV is Php350/hour)

I still have to see the room we booked (it's only 10:28AM. check in is at 2PM.). So I'll reserve my review for the room in another post.

I'l also try to hi-light the Island Kebab Menu tomorrow! :)

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Island Nook Hotel
Station 2, Boracay hiway Central, Brgy., Balabag, Malay, Aklan (Boracay Island)

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  1. Enjoy your vacation :)

  2. saccharine015820/11/11 7:53 PM

    looks like an amazing place to chill! :) thanks for sharing shen!

  3. Stainless Steel Jewelry22/11/11 11:04 PM

    Very comforting place -- this is good for vacation purposes; very relaxing though.


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