ROXY Femme Fling Fashion Day Out

From the looks of this photo, you wouldn't have thought that I spent only a few hours of sleep to make it to the ROXY Femme Fling Event at Nuvali. Given that I didn't want to drive, I hauled my lazy ass off to R.O.X. BHS to join the shuttle going to our destination. Our transportaion was a cool purple and black van with Rockstart written all over it. I'm sure we grabbed so much attention at SLEX.

Waking up early was so worth it once we got to Solenad 2 at Nuvali where lots of stores are finally open! One of which is the main reason for this post, ROXY at Quicksilver.

I am seriously not a sporty person! Never was but I can't say I never will  (time will tell). But I do love ROXY even way back in highschool because of the vibe it gives out -- fun, quirky and shows a lot of spunk. That certainly sounds like me, right?

ROXY was initially created as surfing and sportwear for the adventurous female. But looking at what they have in store aside from their suits and rashguards, their selection isn't just for the sports-minded femme, I actually saw some great finds worthy of a girl who do not have a hand and eye coordination. LOL!

But even before we got to shop, we were all escorted to SumoSam Restaurant, where we were shown how to create their best-selling Dynamite Sushi Rolls. Imagine my tummy grumbling at that point. :)

No food porn coz I was starving when we got to NUVALI, I just ate and ate. LOL!

I didn't know why they kept us fueled with Rockstar Energy drink.... This one tastes like grape soda! Yum! Apparently, there was a reason why we needed to be pumped up... :)

Rockstar Energy Drink + Coca-cola (my ultimate fave drink!) kept me wide awake the whole day!

Nikki, Phoebe, Me, Earth, Lace, and Isa!

Calm before the fun!

Trish, Isa, Nikki and Trixie!

More calming activities came our way once we got inside ROXY at Solenad 2, Nuvali! Nail-a-holics where there to give us manis with ORLY nail polishes! Love it!

Lace, Phoebe, Tara, Earth and I!

Beauty bloggers represent!

These two girls are bonafide surfer chics! Yes, many boys prefer the one-of-the-boys-but-look-hot-as-hell! These two fits the bill!

What more with a fab makeover from Wet n' Wild Cosmetics

Beauty Trivia: Wet n' Wild was created for the outdoor sporty chic. They have a wide array of products that are waterproof and can withstand multiple activities!

It's super easy to create a natural look without having to pile on too much products. The key to use everything sparingly.

Tara getting her nails done by Nail-a-holics! We are so loving the laid back set-up of "banig" and hot pink ROXY pillows!

Tara's newly painted digits! Love!! What shade is that? I bet it's from ORLY!


After getting our nails done by Nail-a-holics and Mik's makeover from Wet n' Wild! It was time for some ROXY Styling challenge! We were all divided into 3 groups. We were then tasked to grab as much outfit we could in 20 seconds! After which we were handed our Style inspiration. 

Meet the TEAM PLAYA DEL SOL or Beach of the Sun!

Isa of Ring My Bell, Isabel, Lace of Style and Relax, Lissa of Scene Stealer and moi!

Our ROXY vibe was carefree that imbibes the Indie-feel, some mix and match with prints and colorful combinations. With Isa, Lissa and Lace in my Team, I felt as ease. These girls know their style!

Lace took all of these photos! Promising photog, she is! (Why am I talking like, Yoda! Lol!)

We were tasked to take pictures of the outfits we put together using a fabulous Fuji Instax Polaroid camera!
Then we had to choose one and submit for judging! Photo above was the picture we submitted!! I love the combination of colors, fun and flirty with an Indie vibe.

Although I was a bit on the heavier side compared to Isa and Lissa, I was happy that there are stuff for me at ROXY!  Their swimsuits goes up size 10! Yey!

Of course, it was impossible not to shop when you're at ROXY. My damage: A sunny yellow surfer shirt, One-piece swimsuit (that my boobies are loving coz they're not falling out! hahaha!), wallet, flip-flops and a chic shoulder bag! :) See, not everything in ROXY are rashguards! :)

Thanks Roxy and ROXY Philippines, Ian and Cecile of M2Comm, Bea and Nail-a-Holics, Denise and Donna of Orly and Wet n' Wild Philippines and SumoSam Restaurant!

This was such an awesome event!

ROXY is definitely making me rethink my thoughts on sports wear! They are not just for sports! :)

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You can find ROXY at QuickSilver at Solenad 2  Nuvali, R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street, Robinsons Galleria and Trinoma Mall!

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  1. loved the first shot - you looked uber sexy sis! (^_^) ganda ng ensemble mo! loves it! 

    sayang til 10 lang sila, walang kasya sakin haha. but their line looks sporty casual, ganda!

  2. This was super fun :D Imma grab photos of us ha? :) Mwah!

  3. Isabel Rodriguez30/11/11 9:33 PM

    It was a really great day! Can I steal that photo of you, me, and Lissa laughing? So cute! ;)


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