A Lil FaSHEN: I'm Shoe In Love with So! FAB

Much like everyone else, I find love and comfort at a new pair of shoes... what more if it's two?!

So! FAB caught me again in a moment of weakness. Even when most of the shoes I like were out of stock, I still manage to find some fabulous pair of wedges to purchase. I should be on lock down.

And no, no black shoes for this lady... I'm more of the tans, nudes and animal prints. Exactly what So! Fab has for their previous collection.

SAMOS (camel) | ESAU (cream)

SAMOS Php1299

I chose camel colored on Samos because its warmer and compliments my skin tone. Animal print is such a favorite but sadly, it can get tacky for my built. Great thing I was able to fit in this size 6. I can imagine me in cut-off shorts, white tops and this super sexy cheetah-print wedges. And it's so comfy, too!

Oh and this will look so good on my many solid-colored dresses!

ESAU Php1299

I don't think I'd ever tire of buying shoes like this. In my last count, I have over 10 pairs of cream/beige  shoes. I wish they won't stop making shoes like this.

I've always been a wedge person but wedge can often be not sexy and can be a bit chunky. Thank God, this one has a lot of character. I just love all the details of this shoes and I wish I can wear them everyday. Love!!

I love it so much I bought the size 5 even if I'm size 6! Lol!

I got these So! Fab shoes at their Glorietta 5 branch. It's by far the best So! Fab store that has all their collection in it. :)

You can also find So! Fab at Crossings Shangri-la. :)

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  1. Patty B. Balquiedra2/9/11 6:06 AM

    Love the shoes. I haven't been to So Fab lately. The 2nd pair looks just like a Steve Madden ;)

  2. Issachavez2/9/11 6:25 AM

    wow! i love the shoes! very pretty! i will drop by So Fab one of these days to check out their collection! :)

  3. Lani Sonza2/9/11 7:17 AM

    Hi Shen! pareho tyo!!!! I super like animal prints din! and I always choose the brown ones over the black and white animal prints...they look so sexy and my boyfriend specifically asked me to buy prints like those...hehehe!

  4. really nice! Thanks for sharing! =)

  5. Sexy!!!! :) Super ikaw na ikaw yung animal print :)

  6. Jennifer Fitzgerald2/9/11 10:11 AM

    ohh myyy I love them all!!!!! 

  7. Gellie Anne Abogado2/9/11 11:49 PM

    cheetah prints! love love! <3

    much love,

  8. loving the shoes and all are toweringin height ha, taray! :)

  9. ohhh where did you get your camel shoes and the other one sandals?


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