Skin Care Review: Pond's Flawless White

As you all know, I took on the challenge to try Pond's Unbeaten Whitening Experience using the Flawless White range. The challenge was to prove if Pond's Flawless White is a whitening range that is proven to work and could outdone most if not all available whitening products out there.

I'm sure some of you are wondering why I agreed to this challenge. As you all know, I've been invited to several events of Pond's and have been trying the latest products they provide. When they presented this challenge, I first thought that the Pond's Flawless White might be one range of products that may not work for me and could actually be allergic too.

Good thing they let us take home a small jar of the day cream for skin patch test. Went all out crazy and applied on several parts of my body like back of the ears, wrists, inner arms and back of the elbows. Good thing no skin reactions.

So, I didn't see any reason why not. After all, it's nothing new for me to change skin care every so often for the purpose of just trying everything and find that one Holy Grail skin care for whitening, brightening, anceic skin, anti-aging. What's another range to add to the list? LOL. I know, I know! I'm not a guinea pig and this is not an experiment and I could actually harm my skin with all these skin trials... but what the heck! This is what I love to do! I live and breathe for beauty!!

Oh! And the prize isn't that bad either.. It's an ad spread in a few magazines!:)

But at this point, Jheng (the beautiful IamBrigitte and my partner in this challenge) and I thinks of the prize as just a sweet sprinkling of cherries on top if we do win because we both found out that Pond's Flawless White works!

For three weeks, I religiously used the Deep Whitening Facial Foam, Visible Lightening Day Cream, Blemish Prevention UV Cream, Re-Brightening Night Serum and Spots Blocking Serum.

The effects I noticed:
1. My skin felt smoother the very next day and days after that every morning.
2. No skin reactions like redness.
3. I did not acquire any pimples for the duration of the challenge.
4. My skin looked brighter but not whiter.
5. Visible lightening of dark spots on my left cheek (I apply the Spots Blocking Serum on this part)
6. Definitely a lot clearer and smoother skin after three weeks.

Downside for those with skin type like mine:
1. You still need facial cleaning from your derma for whiteheads and blackheads extractions. I have large pores and if I continue not to visit the derma, pimples may start to form from the blocked pores.
2. For oily skin, the night treatment may cause a bit of oiliness if you don't have A/C at night as it's very moisturizing.

Upside for those with skin type like mine:
1. You'll love the squeeky feel of the facial wash.
2. Day cream gives a mattifying effect that you can skip the primer.
3. Blemish Prevention UV Cream is easier to apply and it's not too icky for a moisturizer/sunblock/whitening product. You can even mix this with your foundation.

If I have one thing I can suggest to Pond's:
1. Although this doesn't bother me too much, I just wish the Flawless White range doesn't have a perfume scent to it.

Here's my skin two weeks in the challenge and how I apply my Evening regimen:

After the Deep Whitening Facial Foam.

Toner time with White Beauty Pore Conditioning Toner.

applying the Spots Blocking Serum on my left cheek where most of the dark spots are concentrated.

Last, I apply the Re-Brightening Night Treatment to make sure the A/C doesn't dry out my skin and make sure that I aid the whitening part of my skin.

end of 2nd week
My skin didn't exactly whiten as fast as a peeling procedure or a microdermabrasion does but there's some whitening happening. And my dark spots definitely lightened.

If anybody ask, Pond's Flawless White works and yes, I can vouch for that. But does it work for everyone, I certainly hope so! But we all know that isn't the case for all skincare. So try samples first or the small sizes. See it for yourself!!

And no, we're not getting paid to write this nor will I say otherwise if we don't win. :)

end of 3rd week

Last notes: I'll continue using Pond's Flawless White for the next 2 weeks and see how my skin will look like and if my skin will lighten. I will give one last update here for sure since the contest already ended and Jheng is finally resting from all the writing.. lol! :)

If you want to see and read what Jheng wrote about my experience with Pond's Flawless White, please go to Pond's Flawless White Unbeaten Whitening Experience and see blow by blow accounts of this three week challenge. Check out other contestants too!

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  1. The skin care sounds like a dream!

  2. you have very nice skin shen.. i am envious.. sadly i get pimples with ponds products.. :C

  3. cik chinta10/4/11 9:02 PM


  4. hi miss shen! congrats!
    if this is good for pimple marks, i wanna give it a try :)
    any idea how much does the items or the whole set cost?

  5. I am using Ponds Flawless White Facial Foam, and yes very effective to prevent PIMPLES, also it made my skin very light. My face skin feels so soft everyday!

  6. Thanks for the review!


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