Shen's Addiction 3rd Anniversary Giveaway Contest: 4th and Last Week (Are You Among the 20 Winners?)

OMG! Is it already the end?? I can't believe it! But I won't let you wait any longer.

This last week of my 3rd Anniversary Giveaway, we have 20 winners!!
yes! That's 20 winners!!

without further ado!

  1. Camille Ga - The Body Shop Body Butters
  2. Rlyn Lim - Charm Holiday Brush Set
  3. Thelma Malhacan - L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Set
  4. Marie Cachula - Charm Holiday Brush Set
  5. Eunice Vercera - Garnier Gift Pack
  6. Judith Calderon - Kerastase Gift Pack
  7. Mona Abayle - Maybelline Gift Pack
  8. Christina Sunga - Avon Gift Pack
  9. Billie Yambao - Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Palette
  10. Torque Beverly - Ellana Face Set
  11. Charisa Espinosa- Revlon Gift Pack
  12. Pauline Yanson - The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Set
  13. Checkay Gonzaga - Wet n Wild Cosmetics
  14. Cornelia Mallare - Colour Collection Makeup Set
  15. Jenny Amorano - Pond's Flawless White Gift Pack
  16. Vera Poalo Reyes - Estee Lauder Gift Pack
  17. Gweng Austria - L'oreal Gift Pack
  18. Fei Maniago - Colour Collection Makeup Set
  19. Josephine Gregorio - The Body Shop Nutrilift Gift Set
  20. Mia Diola - Obagi Gift Set

Congratulations!! I soooo envy you all!! :)

Would like to thank all of you who joined! Even without a contest, I hope you would still visit my blog frequently. :)


P.S. Watch out for my upcoming Penshoppe Contest! :) Like their Facebook page!

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  1. aaaaaawwww, even with so many winners i still didn't win :( ....congrats to the winners!!!! i envy you guys!!

  2. foxy_jenny_0313/4/11 6:48 AM

    yey I won! Thanks for hosting this giveaway. :)

  3. angelamhiere13/4/11 10:33 AM

    congrats to the winners! ^__^

  4. Too bad I didn't win. :'( I had fun, though. Hopefully, there would be another contests :))

  5. Wow, i won .. thanks a lot :) i love maybelline products :)

  6. Wow, i won .. thanks a lot :) i love maybelline products :)


  8. congrats :)sana may next contest pa!

  9. yeyy! i won! Thanks much :) Congrats to all the winners! btw, it's Cristina Sunga (without "h") Thanks! :)

  10. I finally won! Thanks for the Colour Collection

  11. Wow I won! I won! woooot!! Thank you ate Shen! :D

  12. weeeeeeeee....thank you ms. Shen...and congrats to all the winners..

  13. Charina Espinosa14/4/11 2:44 PM

    WOW!!!! so happy , just find out now that im one of the winners.. but my name was spelled wrong its "Charina" not "Charisa" ...anyway congrats to all...

  14. hi shen! Yey! I won!!!! :)

    -gweng :)

  15. Josephine Gregorio2/5/11 10:51 AM

    Thanks!! i won the body shop nutrilift gift set! i hope you can ship the prize to me.. thank you very much.. i am willing to wait.. :) i will send email to you regarding my info..

    more power and more give aways to come!!!


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