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Nigel Barker and Miss J Alexander in MNL!!


When I watch America's Next Top Model, never did I imagine that I'd get a chance to meet the handsome world renowed fashion photographer, Mr. Nigel Barker and Diva Runway Coach Miss J Alexander. They are here for the two month long event of Ayala Malls Style Origin. Good things do have a way of finding you if you are a devoted fan.
Last Thursday, I found myself seated a few steps from these fashion celebrities at the Legaspi Ballroom of Intercontinental Hotel Makati for the exclusive press conference and I listened and absorbed all that I can. Ginggay Joven-Dela Merced, general manager of Visions and Expressions asked such great questions that everyone watched in awe as she engaged the audience to some runway walk-off with Miss J Alexander. Mr. Nigel Barker's highlight was providing an on-the-spot fashion shoot! I couldn't believe my eyes! It all felt like a dream!

Joey Mead, one of the Philippine's top model showed off her skills to both Miss J alexander and Nigel Barker. I can tell that they are impressed

FASH host and Philippine's sought after model, Bianca Valerio, gave an elegant walk. It was fun to watch Miss J Alexander immate how classy Bianca strutted. You can't imagine how proud I was to be a Filipina at that moment.

Robby Carmona, christened Miss J Alexander of the Philippines at the Philippine's Next Top Model, also did a walk-off that earned massive applause and laughter from the crowd. I am so blessed to be at the event! I would regret if I missed all of this!!

For sure, the photographers and aspiring ones (ehem!) in the crowd took home a lot of tips from Mr. Nigel Barker. He provided an actual tutorial on how to capture that moment that will make a model give that genuine happy look on photos. He also dedicated a chapter on his new book on charm and how Philippines were his inspiration.

Oh, please make Nigel Barker the next James Bond! He's so darn hot! I love his tan and his big smile! I find myself giggling as he talked during the interview! He's just adorable!

How lucky are we that we get to have such fabulous celebrities visiting our beautiful country! :)

If you want to see them, they will be at Ayala Alabang Center today at 6pm! :)

Don't let this chance pass!!

Thanks to Ayala Malls and Visions & Expressions for inviting me! I really had so much fun!

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