Thursday, April 28, 2011

Because I like well made shoes

I used to live in Marikina, the shoe city of the Philippines, it's such an amazing friendly and clean city that I loved living there. So when I got an invite to share an evening with one of the pioneering shoe store in the country, how can I say no?

And a visit to their quaint store in Glorietta 5 only made my heart grow fonder. To spend it with Liz and Kira made it all the more awesome...

Oh pretty pretty shoes! come home with me please!

and one of them did!

Whatcha think?

it's this super cute semi-wedge pink shoes with brown details (two colors i love!)

Kira came home with two and the pic above is one of them. :)

I'm in love with the sole! look at the cut angel. :))

Like I said, pretty right? And very sturdy, too!
I haven't come across a pinoy-made shoes that isn't made of good quality. :)

Visit Ferretti at Sta. Lucia Grand Mall and Glorietta 5. :)


Issa said...

nice shoes miss shen! love it!

Kira said...

I love the pair you got, super! Am I seeing you on saturday? :)

skysenshi said...

The sole is quite interesting. Haha! And I still haven't paid the store a visit. -_-; I really should.

Jenggayyu said...

love your outfit Ms. Shen you are so sexy in your dress with the sophisticated look by the blazer..Ferretti seems to have cute and fab designs, will check their stores hehe..Newbie blogger and you are one of my inspiration in blogging..hehe More power to you :)

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