Beach Hut-ing it!

You know what? There is just no excuse. Simply no excuse for us not to apply sunblock! No excuse at all! Do you know the sun damages our skin? Do you how cancerous the suns UV rays are? And do you know that our skin is a one big chunk of a recorder of every sun exposure we had since we were kids and do know when we'll see it? When we're old, people!! When we're wrinkly, graying and disintegrating!!!

I am scared! I can't deal with wrinkles, sagging boobs and skin and deal with sun damage like sun spots... ALL AT THE SAME TIME! And I swore never to succumb to plastic surgery! Oh how I'm going to eat my words when I turn 60!

What? Lessen sun exposure? Lessen visit to the beach? Are you crazy?? I'm an island girl! I live in the most amazing tropical country in the world and I have plans of visiting every beautiful beach there is! I can't give that up!

Halt! I'll stop the drama because that will never be a problem. Ever since learning how the sun can cause not only instant but very lasting damage to my skin, I see to it I use sunblock everyday.

And guess what, the brand that gave you the spray sunblock has now topped itself and created a truly strong and effective sunblock.

Beach Hut MAX 100 SPF ++ Unbelievably Light Lotion Sunblock

MAX 100 SPF ++ Unbelievably Light Lotion Sunblock with Micronized Zinc Oxide Technology is capable of warding off UVA and UVB rays and ensure your skin is protected longer.

Sunblock is the first one that I apply after getting out of the bathroom before I go work. Driving exposes my arms, face and neck to the sun and I need to give these part of my body to more sun damage. I've my the sun spots on my dad's arms after years of sun exposure as taxi and truck driver in the US and it's very unsightly. Imagine if I acquire the same, right?

But applying sunblock can be tedious and icky especially when there's a need to reapply them. Lower SPF always been shorter amount of time the sunblock protects you. That's why I'm happy to know that Beach Hunt has SPF 100 and the consistency is pretty light and kind of matte against my skin.

No icky yucky (malagkit) feel and I don't have to reapply too much on a normal day.

Beach Hut Face Ultra-Sensitvie Hypoallergenic Sunblock SPF65

Having been addicted to peeling treatments, whitening procedures and skin care product, I never forget to apply sunblock. But when I vacay, I become a lot more conscious and apply it more than I use to. I'm glad that Beach Hut came out with an SPF 65 Face Sunblock as it lessen the number of times I need to re-apply my face sun protection.

Good thing that it's almost watery and get absorb quickly to the skin. Which is very important because when we're out for vacation, every minute counts and waiting for 20 or 30  minute for the sunblock to work takes too much out of the beach time!

Do you apply sunblock? Be honest! :)

Beach Hut sunspray and sunblock are available at your favorite Watson's store, SM Department Store and selected grocery stores.

P.S. Skin Patch test before trying any products!

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  1. Yes I do apply sunblock as in EVERYDAY! With this weather? I feel so naked without it talaga! Buti na lang sanay na akong mag apply! I used to be sooo lazy!

  2. Jyan Arianne Elbo21/5/11 10:47 PM

     I do.but to be honest not at all times.. hehehe.. sometimes kc when I run out of it. I'll wait til the next purchace bgo ako gamit uli.. ahehehehe.. howmuch ung for the face?

  3. Jyan Arianne Elbo21/5/11 10:48 PM

     its jae btw (dandajae)


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