I Got a Golla + Gimme Golla Contest!

I know I hardly put any gadget-related stuff in here but that's cause I'm keeping myself from hauling them for  it can get so expensive... but that doesn't make me love them less. :) Oh boy, it doesn't. I actually would want to haul on gadgets rather than on makeup (probably just to balance the ratio between them).

But if someone gives a gadget or any gadget-related stuff to me, who am I not to share it with you, right? Imagine me smiling from ear to ear when I received this chic black and pink Golla mobile pouch from the Golla distributor in the Philippines!

I was extremely having a bad week (due to lack of savings and such) and this cute little thing came knocking at my door! Oh what a delight! :) What a perfection this thing really is!

Golla has been in my radar now and I've been thinking of buying myself a camera bag for the longest time for my baby Dixie (name of my Nikon D5000). But like many beauty bloggers out there, makeup distracts me so much that I end up buying makeup instead when I go to mall. Screwed, right?

Having this cute nifty pouch is fast making me regret not getting a Golla bag. Really, it does. Yup! Soon as the credit card is paid, I'm heading to the nearest Golla Bag retailers and getting myself one cute pink bag for Dixie! High time I give that hard-working cam a nice place to live in. :)

Here's more photos of the Golla Generation Mobile currently in my possession. :)

As I write this post, I'm currently listening to Anberlin's Breaking.. and this pouch kinda gives that alternative rock vibe and nd its just making me love this mobile pouch all the more.

BTW, there's a contest going on for golla!! :)


1. Take a photo of you, and your favorite gadget. Explain to us why it's your favorite, and why you love it so much!
2. The photo should have 1024x768 resolution and shall not exceed 1MB. It can be modified or edited and may contain text but should be void of offensive content.
3. Email us your official contest entry : info@brandedge.com.ph
4. We will be uploading your contest entries in our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/GollaPhil.
5. Upon our upload, tag at least 50 of your friends to your entry
6. Ask your friends to "like" and comment on your entry.
7. Contest is 70% based on number of likes and 30% based on quality of entry.
8. Contest runs from March 15, 2011 to April 15, 2011
9. Contestants will have the chance to ask their friends to vote for their entry until April 15, 2011 12 noon.
10. Winners would be notified through email.

:) Comment here if you joined! :)

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  1. Thanks for this. I might enter. Great post! :D

  2. yes, i joined na po.. thanks sa info


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