8 Things To Do Before Buying Any Skincare or Makeup

There are just too many products out there. Yes, there are too much that I myself ultimately find it overwhelming. What I suggest is that you do these few things before getting into so much trouble (be it financially or physically).

1. Don't fall immediately for ads

Not that I don't do this myself since I have a thing about beautiful photos, celebrities, tag lines and presentations. You may take interest in it but don't immediately rush out of the house after seeing one commercial or a page in magazine (even when you see them featured on blogs).

2. Read reviews

Reviews come in many ways. Ask friends if they have used the brand or if they are thinking of using it or even remotely interested in it, too. Before I started this blog and also reading blogs, I rely on my friends and family before I actually buy something. I remember seeing my sister in law school and an aunt using the The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint before I bought one. That's because I saw how easy they applied it (and my aunt let me borrow hers) and I saw really good results.

Beauty blogs are a great source of review. I, a very very devoted, straight to the core beauty blogger who take this job very seriously. Read blogs that you feel best represent your needs. Ask questions like: Does she suffer from acne? does she have oily face? is she sensitive? did she do a thorough review of the product? Bloggers are just normal people who gets to try stuff and write about it. You can most likely relate by what they post but remember that like your friends, you and the blogger may have different reactions to a certain brand.

So, please do more research, not just blogs but also clinical tests and trials done using the brand you want to try.

3. Check with a dermatologist.

I can never never never stress this enough. But try, I will! If you have allergies, please check with your doctor before trying mass produced products. I know many can easily breakout with a product but it's just probably not the right time for you to use it. You are probably too young or your skin is not prepped enough or simply, you failed to follow instructions. Talk to a dermatologist before trying to self-diagnose yourself. The product that the magazines, commercials and beauty bloggers are featuring is probably something that you should try but only if you've dealt with your current skin issues.

I am a very good example of this. My skin is full of impurities that trying products only causes them to clog my pores. It's not that the product didn't work but I just needed to have my acne, blackheads and whiteheads surgincally extracted for the product to work. Once I've visited my dermatologist and kept my skin cared by her, I am free to try products without being entirely paranoid about it.

4. Ask for samples

Saving is very important these days and let's face it, beauty stuff doesn't always come cheap. Asking for samples and doing patch tests is one way not to waste your money and save your skin. It's been a practice for many brands to hand out samples at their booths, through magazines or through promos. You can even call their hotlines directly to ask for a sample.

5. DO Skin Patch Test!!

Please please try to do skin patch test before trying any skin care brand, ointments, peeling solutions, etc.

When I entered the Pond's Flawless White Unbeaten Challenge, we were tasked to do a skin patch test using as sample pot of the day and night cream before we take on the challenge. I was determined to be sure that this will work for me.

Where to do skin patch test?
  • Inside of your arm
  • Inside of your wrist
  • Behind the ears
I did all of this before taking on this challenge. Actually, every blogger and their friends did this. But I did this the evening we got the samples, the morning after and then the evening again. Just to be sure since I don't want to worry about skin reactions and dealing with pimples AGAIN!

If you have an idea with the products that you're allergic to, reading labels, ingredients and fine prints is one way for you to avoid a product or stop using it. It's very simple but even I don't do this often. We must promise to practice this.

7. Start from the generic or affordable stuff before buying expensive ones.

Bianca Valerio, host of F.A.S.H. and now head makeup artist for Colour Collection, stressed this when we joined her in an intimate lunch. A stickler in saving (for her kid's college fund and well, shoes) she knows money doesn't grow on trees. She advised that trying on a very affordable liner and seeing if it works makes her not want to buy expensive ones. Make sense, right? Why waste money on expensive brands when cheap brands do the job?


Learn from my mistakes! Once you found a product that works for you (be it skin care or makeup), don't buy 2 or more of it! Unless it's a Buy One Take One! I believe that our body tends to plateau in just about anything. A product would cease to work on you for a time. Then, what would you do with the rest of those things gathering dust in your drawer? It's sad fate for many women, but we must overcome this. Buy them only if you're three-fourths through it and have not considered trying other brands.


As a beauty blogger, there's only so much we can do in sharing what we know and our reviews can only say what we experienced about a certain product. :) I hope you find this post useful and  may this guide you in finding the right product for you!!

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  1. Great post!!Sadly i do hoard.. i mean i can't stop buying when i saw a product that raved by people. Especially facial mask.. i can't resist. lols..

  2. Totally agree! As an advertising graduate I almost always succeed in NOT believing beauty ads too much, especially in this photoshopped world. But sometimes I can't help but be sucked in. hahaha!!! I needed to hear these advices again! Yep, in happy hour, I could be seen loitering testing around cosmetics!

  3. "8. NEVER HOARD!

    Learn from my mistakes! Once you found a product that works for you (be it skin care or makeup), don't buy 2 or more of it! Unless it's a Buy One Take One! I believe that our body tends to plateau in just about anything. "

    I must concur with this. As with shampoo, I change brands every time I finish off a bottle because my scalp complains. Ditto with skin care. Hm. Looks like I have to change my lip balm now, I've been using it for 4 years now and it doesn't seem to work anymore...

  4. hahaha never hoard, yeh my mom needs to learn that :P <3

  5. wow, I actually do all of these, which probably means I'm a smart buyer... hahaha
    I never hoard, I don't fall for advertisements, I read product reviews,\ & I don't purchase the whole bottle unless I've tried the samples or the sachet size first. and I definitely check out the ingredients and where they're made from. That's why husband always complains when I go shop especially at Watson's. LOL takes me a looong time before I decided to buy a health & beauty product.

  6. i learned from this post hindi pala ako smart buyer hehe

  7. I do all of 'em without knowing na these are the guidelines. This is a very helpful post so people will be able to prevent having breakouts due to irresponsible buying and hoarding. :)

  8. I'm such a hoarder! Gotta get it out of my system! :P 


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