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Must-have: Urban Decay Naked Palette

1/19/2011Shen Gee


When I thought I couldn't have it, out of the blue and thanks to that cute little blue bird, I saw Sol's tweet that she still had one last Urban Decay Naked Palette on hand! Thanks to Paypal and for my BDO Mastercard, I got to own this coveted palette! I didn't even have to wait for it too long.

Isn't so obvious how much an addict I am with Urban Decay Cosmetics? Honestly, if I ever do get a chance to visit the States, I think I would spend all my shopping money hauling on Urban Decay, from their foundations to their lipgloss. But right now, I'm pretty much over the moon for this purchase.

I didn't realize how long the Naked palette was. I thought it's almost comparable to my Shadow Deluxe palette but this one is almost like a pencil case I used growing up. And it has ample amount of products in it, I doubt I could finish this in a year of every day using it.

The Naked Palette comes with 12 neutral shades that can bring you from office-readt to party-ready looks. With textures of mattes, shimmers and satins, creating neutral looks no longer will be a bore. It comes with a 2 in 1 24/7 Glide-on Pencils in Zero and Whiskey. Whiskey which is a lot more matte than Bourbon that has some shimmers to it.

I always tell my friends and anyone I know that you really get your money's worth when buying a palette and I'm glad Urban Decay comes out with them. Naked, a neutral palette, is quite unexpected from a cosmetic company that has a slogan of "Beauty with an edge". Gone are the bright colors, yes.. but the beauty with an edge is quite pronounce with this palette. Velvet cover with gold lettering that is luxurious to look at and feel. Did you know that one of my favorite colors is brown? Yup... that's why I coveted this palette. The packaging alone is enough to make me drool. Crazy, noh?

And the shades.. omg! the shades. All usable and definitely fit for all occassion. Easy to fit in any travel/overnight bag. It comes with two eyeliner an Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion! Love it!
I could just see myself recreating the makeup looks I see on Pretty Little Liars and One Tree Hill. Both shows which are known for their bronze-y eye makeup looks on their female lead characters. Excited, much!

Virgin | Sin | Naked | Sidecar | Buck | Half Baked

Smog | Darkhorse | Toasted | Hustle | Creep | Gunmetal

Vigin | Sin | Naked | Sidecar
Buck | Half Baked | Smog | Darkhorse
Toasted | Hustle | Creep | Gunmetal

Virgin | Sin | Naked | Sidecar
Buck | Half Baked | Smog | Darkhorse
Toasted | Hustle | Creep | Gunmetal

 Virgin | Sin | Naked | Sidecar

 Buck | Half Baked | Smog | Darkhorse

Toasted | Hustle | Creep | Gunmetal

Can't wait to do FOTD's! Watch out for it!

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