Luxe for Less: Roberto Cavalli Strelizia Gold Bronze Sunglasses

It sure looks like I'm getting ready for summer... But na-ah! I just really love to wear sunglasses. Especially when I'm driving.. and given that I live in a tropical country, sunblocks and eye creams are not enough to protect my peepers and the delicate skin around it. So when I lost my first ever designer shades, I immediately replaced them with a much bigger, a lot more "me" sunglasses... :)

As much as I adore the more affordable sunglasses sold in my favorite stores and boutiques, I consider investing on a high-end sunglasses very much worth the price I pay for it. Like I said, it's practically a requirement to wear one here in the Philippines and it immediately provides a statement, fashion or otherwise.

I chose this design, not only because it's Roberto Cavalli, but also for the gold frame and the intricate design on it but also for the brown lens. It looks so vintage! And really, gold is soo my favorite color for all my accessories. :) I am just in love with my new sunnies.. :)

But the surprising thing is, I got this at a much lesser price! I got to own a fancy Roberto Cavalli for only Php4500 (approx. $100) (after haggling and paying in cash). When it's sold for more than $300 at some online and other eye wear shops I've seen.

I got my new sunnies at Opthal-mix Shop at SM Hyperment Pasig. SM Department stores also provide reasonably priced designer shades.

How about you, have you got some luxury goodies at a reasonable price? Share them at the comment box below! Would love to know where we can do more bargain hunting!

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  1. Lovely blog..i love it..hey i'm going to follow you..checkout my website honey..follow me if you want...thanks.

  2. I will definitely check that out shen! I wanna own an intricate- designed pair of shades too.

    I have a Juicy Couture. Style is called Beatrice, and I got it online for 1950php only. :)

    what are the other available brands in there? are they on a sale? thanks heaps!


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