Sunday, January 30, 2011

L'oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte Charcoal Black Foam and the BF

It's such a funny thing that no matter how hard I try to engage the BF with beauty products for men, he just can't seem to join the bandwagon. He is so against having to put on anything after showering. Really, the BF could live with soap and water alone. I still remember how I "forced" him to wear the L'oreal Men Expert White Activ Sunblock was by way of me applying it on to his face. Thank goodness, he got used to using it by himself.

But one of things that he loved best was when I took home with me the  L'oreal Men Expert Pure and Matte Bright Charcoal Black Foam. He was so intrigued with the grayish formula that came out from the tube.

Of course, I explained to him that the Charcoal in it causes the formula to be grayish and that it will absorb all the impurities of his face, prevent his pores from clogging and reduces oiliness. Since this facial foam has Salicylic Acid as well, it would reduce breakouts caused by blackhead and whiteheads.

L'oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte Charcoal Black Foam

L'oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte Charcoal Black Foam Swatch

By the mention of those things, the BF tried Pure and Matte Charcoal Black Foam immediately. He hates going to derma and whenever his cute face accumulates blackheads and whiteheads, there is no stopping me from taking him. Well, he really have a nice skin to begin with except for the occasional cleansing needed. But now, I hardly have a reason to bring him with me to my facialist. I've seen quite an improvement with his skin texture and really, I can't complain about the scent. It's so musky, I kiss him all over after he gets out of the shower!!

The BF and I @ Ilog Maria Bee Farm, Tagaytay --- isn't he soo handsome? hehe

I love that my guy isn't the type to use a lot of grooming products. But I'm glad he knows the best products to use whenever it strikes his fancy to be all up about facial stuff. He's such a man's man, the BF, and I'm crazy about that in him!

What about your BF/Hubby? Is he like my BF who doesn't use much of the available men's grooming stuff out there? Or is he boardering Ryan Seacrest already? Share your BF stories below!! :)


Ahleessa said...

You and your boyfriend are so cute together! :) Thanks for this wonderful review for the men in our lives.

Buxom mascara improves the lashes. I didn't know that. How does it improve?

Michelle said...

I know what you mean. It's like an insult to their manhood if you make them apply things on their face =)))

Lee Shen Gee said...

IKR. :) But we love them nonetheless. :) hehehe!

Jcloh86 said...

My bf lives on soap and water. Full stop. Getting him to wash his face with skincare is by forcing me to wash it for him. Lol.. they don't think they need anything on their face..

isea said...

wow, is my bf weird or what? he has nicer kikay stuff than i do, and goes to the parlor regularly! recently, sofie of beautynomics did a review on a new line from l'oreal and i was surprised to learn that bf was using it already! LOL. it's fun though 'cos he doesn't bat an eyelash when i shop for makeup. he knows what "contouring" is. :D

Lee Shen Gee said...

I know a guy like that and he and his girlfriends makes such a handsome couple!! as in!! they are like brangelina. so cute!!

Lee Shen Gee said...

IKR!!! took me a long time to convince the BF to try anything. He thinks its not important and much more insulting "unnecessary expenses." que horror! It's like telling me I am unnecessary. lol!

qO_ol said...

hmmm,  i have a tube of this product, but the ingredients do not list charcoal.   wth?!

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