From NYC: Urban Decay Book of Shadows III NYC Palette

An early Christmas gift came from New York a few weeks back and it's no less than Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume III New York City Palette. It's not a secret that I collect the Urban Decay Book of Shadows, thanks for Gracie for being the first one to have made it possible for me to get my hands on Urban Decay Book of Shadows. I know many people have the problem with it having similar shades in each palette. But for me, that's not a problem since I'm a big fan of all Urban Decay eyeshadows. They are exactly type of shadows I like, satiny and shimmery. Playing around all my Book of Shadows is always a joy for me.

Wanna see what's inside? Click the tab below to see more photos and swatches!

New york has always fascinated me and it's my biggest desire to go and live there someday. I love how diverse it is and how it's filled with lots of interesting things, from arts to fashion; architecture to lifestyle; traditions and events... it's just something I wish I could do someday... walk the streets of New York.

Having a dose of that with the Urban Decay book of Shadows Volume III is just what I needed to temporarily sate me of my cravings for visiting New York. The bright lights that shines when you open the pop of design of this palette was quite a nice surprise. I'm like a kid palying with a new toy! I was ooohhh-ing and aaahhh-ing like crazy. Hahahaha!

Isn't it so chic? All the famous landmarks, cute sneaks, the NY Taxi, and chic people I imagine seeing in the busy streets of New York. Le sigh!

As always, I get carried away taking pictures of my newest palette. :)

And for a closer look of the eyeshadows. :) (click photos to enlarge)

Gosh! The new colors are so addicting! Radium is one of the brighest blues I've seen, it's great for gradation when doing a smokey blue. Kush reminds me of a shade from Mad Minerals that I ran out of, it's the perfect metallic green. Bordello is the best shade for a simple but ooomph look, great addition for a smokey purple eyes. Rockstar is the perfect shade for deepening the crease for the smokey eyes. I'm sooo in love with all of them. :)

I'm happy to see some of the existing shades like Snatch, Smog, and Last Call. While I'm happy to include Psychedelic Sister, Uzi and Haight to my list of favorite UD faves. :)


with flash

The Urban Decay Book of Shadows III also included my favortie 24/7 Glide-on pencil in Zero while Ransom was a nice addition to my 24/7 Glide-on pencils. :)

I just can't get over that I have this palette and the rest of the Urban Decay Book of Shadows in my possession. I'm forever grateful to the people who gave all of these to me. It's not quite a small victory for me to have completed BOS collection and I'll always cherish them. :) I know it's just makeup but for me, it's a testament of how much my friends and family care for me. :)

It is truly a happy Christmas for me. :)

How about you? What do you collect? Do you also collect makeup? Please do share with me your collection by commenting at the comment box below. :)

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  1. Awww that's a beautiful palette! Plus it has their ever famous primer potion. (I ordered one from amazon to replace my current potion -- which is running out -- but the owner of the store cancelled. Kainis.) I really wish Beauty Bar would bring this brand over!

  2. all the colors are really gorgeous!

  3. fantastic shades. leave it to urban decay to come out with really pigmented eye shadows.
    thanks for the swatches ♥

  4. Grabe sis, I lost track na on the UD book of shadows! this is soooo cool! I love the pop up! winner! ang ganda ng swatches pati!

  5. i have just got one for myself too!! love it!!!!

  6. Wow, those colors are STUNNING. I'm in love with Loaded and Radium! Must contain myself when I visit Sephora this year.

  7. this is a very nice palette.. very nice for evening or daytime look.. they look very pigmented too..


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