Muji Acrylic Organizer and My Vanity Table.

I couldn't resisit it. Despite the hefty price tag attached to it, I grabbed myself the Muji acrylic drawers and didn't let go.

Too bad that Muji didn't allow me to take photos of the store when I visited. But it's okay, you can check out and take a tour of Muji Manila. The store reminded me of Anonymous. A very popular store back in the '90's and early 2000 that sells unbranded items, too. I like the minimalist design of the whole store. My house would look exactly the same if I acquire my own home. I love the fixture of wood, steel and white walls.

Although I love everything in it, I didn't quite enjoy the price. It was just too expensive for me. And those I saw I could easy acquire from a department store or even at the market for a half the price and lesser even. But there are key items that I like and will surely get in the future. :)

Now, just let me share the pics of my new makeup organizer! :) Got carried away again with taking photos. My Nikkor 35mm Lens is just love!!

On the first drawer, I keep my frequently used mineral makeups.

Same on the second level, I keep my favorite mineral makeup and traditional makeup.


And here's my vanity table. :)

I placed a towel on top of my vanity to keep the dirt off of it. :)

On the right left side, I keep my palettes, the acrylic organizer and other skincare products I frequently use.

I keep 3 containers that holds my mascaras, eyeliner, concealers and what-nots.
I also keep here my favorite perfume, primer and frequently used skincare products.

On the left side, I keep my skincare stuff there, too.
Also my favorite brush cleaner, cotton buds and favorite bronzer and other makeups.

On the rack of the vanity, I keep all my brushes, foundations and at lower part my other essential stuff like depdorant, sunscreen, toner, hair serum, etc.

On the lower part I keep some medicated skin care products and some products I am reviewing.

The next one I'm planning to get is this one but I'll first look at other stores to see if Muji is cheaper. :) :)

much love,

Muji Acrylic Drawers (set of 2) - Php1250.00
Muji Manila is located at the Bonifacio High Street, at the top level of The Gap, across Fully Booked.

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  1. Hi Shen, we have the same acrylic container, but I got mine in Singapore though. The 5-drawer one is also a good buy. Ang linis tingnan kasi.


  2. I love that its so clean and simple. and the pricing isn't too bad as well~

  3. I love your vanity table! super clean and super easy to get the products you want to use! Love your purchase! I love clear cases!

  4. I always wondered what happened to Anonymous, I really liked that store! But maybe it came too early before the Pinoys could really appreciate concept stores. =/


  5. @mel, I agree. :) clean area inspires me to work more.. this would probably mean more FOTD's. :)

    is the price here better than singapore? it think i'm sooo cheap that i consider Muji being too expensive.. hehehe!

    @Rasilla, i won't be surprised if you;ll find something similar like this in canada. :)

    @nikki, thanks! i try to make all the producst visible or else I won't be able to finish up the stuff I have. :)

    @Alex, I super agree. I use to collect their teddy bears in different colors. hehehe! i love their plain white tees too!

  6. I love your vanity table! lots of make up! hehe :D your new purchase is awesome too! forget the price as long as it makes you happy =D

  7. I think your vanity table is awesome, really neat and classy.

  8. Love the acrylic organizer. A see through box with full of make up inside it makes me happy just looking at it.

  9. Ang beautiful naman ng vanity table mo, sis! :) And so organized, too :)

    Crush ko yung drawers!

  10. Shen- Muji is cheapest in Hongkong. Pero Muji Singapore is still cheaper than Muji Philippines.

    Cheap din ako, pero I can't resist these acrylic containers. My entire vanity is a Muji acrylic display LOL


  11. Php 1250.00 is not bad at all with this 2 set of MUJI acrylic drawers.

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  12. hi shen, i saw in your vanity table that you use are you still using it? how was your experience?


  13. OMG i fecking need that for my makeup!

  14. lemme just say i'm so kilig you rep'd on my blog post. :) love this organizer.. a must have especially since you love muji. :)

  15. You did an excellent job in presenting your collection.

    I am tossed between Muji and another brand.  Just don't know which so I am searching not only YT but blogs etc. for additional pics.

    Thanks for posting and lovely setup.

    Ta Ta,

    La La


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