Glambox Minx Lashes And Me Wearing It

The girls of Glambox sent me their latest product, the Glambox Mink Lash. Made from 100% Mink Fur and is 100% hand made. Now it's possible for every Pinay to get that naturally looking "enhanced" lashes without the commitment.

I for one love love to have longer and fuller lashes. I want to look like those girls in the 1950's with their lashes totally darkened like love!! Sometimes I wish I'm Hindu just to have their eyelashes.

Mink lashes that were once custom-made for exclusive celebrities like Oprah and Madonna are now available for every Filipina to experience!

Soft, lightweight, velvety, flexible and natural-looking, every GlamBox Mink Lash gives you the look and feel of luscious celebrity lashes.

GlamBox Mink Lashes are made from individually selected mink furs that have been harvested by gently brushing live farm animals. (We are very animal friendly!) They are not chemically treated or dyed to ensure the velvet appearance that can only be found in mink fur.

GlamBox Mink Lashes are 100% real mink fur and are 100% handmade. They are sterilized and are hypo-allergenic.

Below you'll find my FOTD using the Glambox Mink Lashes. This is softest lashes I've put on in the longest time I've used false lashes. Honestly, I find it trying and tiring to use them. I would even admit that I found this one hard to put on. Yes, I know.. for someone who wears makeup everyday,how come I still didn't get the knack for putting on falsies?

But that's all changed now. I found a way to apply falsies without a bit of a trouble. Now I jut stretch my lids much similar to when I would apply my gel liner and position my lashes slowly onto my upper lashline.

want to know more about the Glambox Mink Lash, go to their multply website

much love,

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  1. The lipstick is soo pretty on you! Your lashes look GREAT! I'm April a new blog follower. I have a blog too and a YouTube channel. :)

  2. Hi Shen! Thanks for this post, I'm a sucker for falsies :) haha

  3. you look great with those lashes! I'd definitely wear that style of lashes too :) natural but still has a bit of drama

  4. Shen, I agree with April the pink lips is so nice on you!

    The lashes are really nice as well.

  5. anung lipstick mo shen? ganda eh hehe

  6. it looks so natural Shen! you look really pretty and I love the lipcolor! what shade did you use?

  7. They look so natural! And as usual, you're so pretty in them :)


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